Tuesday, December 18

2012 Christmas "Card"

We didn't do Christmas cards this year, just didn't get around to it, but hopefully I can do a good summary of our year here!

The year started off with Brett and Sheree both in some hard semesters at BYUI. In April Sheree graduated from BYUI with a degree in Communications, emphasis in Public Relations, clusters in Human Resource and Sociology.
Also in April, Brett and Sheree celebrated one year of marriage!
For a couple of months both Brett and Sheree worked at Broulims, the grocery store, before Sheree found a Public Relations job and Brett left for his internship.
The summer was fun and involved Brett's family reunion at Bear Lake and Sheree's Family reunion in Island Park.
In september they Announced that there was a new little bundle of joy on its way to joining their family. Also in September, Brett began his internship in Utah where he worked a lot with VBA in Excel and managing various financial aspect of a company. In November Sheree traveled to Dallas for a Color in Motion 5k business trip. New Mexico was 2012's Thanksgiving destination.
Brett has now finished his 2nd to last semester at BYUI and his internship. We look forward to seeing more family for Christmas!

I think that is a pretty good summary of our year!

Merry Christmas!

Sheree Bingham

Santa is coming!

A week before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, just Brett and his spouse!

I am really really enjoying spending time with Brett! We missed out on a lot of dates this last semester because he was gone to Utah every weekend and now we are getting to catch up! We have saved all our free activities on our Starving student card for this week- some free treats too :) 

Yesterday we went and played mini golf with some friends in the ward and we are looking forward to bowling with other friends this week! We may even catch a movie at the cheap theater! All the things we have wanted to do but couldn't because of school! 

We are trying to find the motivation to start packing boxes as well, we will be moving into our 2 bedroom apartment right after Christmas. I am really excited to be able to prepare the baby room and feel settled in the new place. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sheree Bingham

Saturday, December 8

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

Christmas is coming!

The end of the semester is finally here! Well, almost. Next week is the last week and it is going to be stressful for Brett, but it will be a relief to have it over. He has done a great job!

 I am going to be so glad to have my husband to myself for a week or so, it has been a very busy semester for him. We are also excited for him to be registered for his last semester at BYUI! That's right! One more semester!

He is job hunting- so if you know of any entry level accounting positions open, let us know!

Enjoy the cold weather!
Sheree Bingham

Monday, November 26


Brett and I were in 5 different states this last week! Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico! Hey- direct flights are more expensive!

We went to New Mexico to spend thanksgiving with my family! We had not been back to NM since our wedding and it was great to be home!

Adventures (and lots of pictures! -I am 22 weeks pregnant in all these pics):

Tuesday- Arrive in NM, Mani/Pedi's with Mom, Olive Garden, hang out with some friends I have not seen in a very long time.

Wednesday- Go to double eagle airport and hang out while my Dad takes Brett flying. He even let Brett fly the plane! Scary! Ride the tram up to the top of Sandia peak - it is the second longest tram ride in the world. Hike around at the top of the mountain. Brett jumped out from behind a ledge and scared me and my mom half to death. Eat a Silver Plate Travis at K&I diner. It is the NM version of Big Jud's.

Cold morning- perfect for flying!

Ready to go!

Brett can say he flew this plane!

The boardwalk on top of the Sandia's!

 Thursday- Thanksgiving! Ate lots of food, played games, and went to the movies! Girls saw Breaking dawn part 2 and Boys saw the new James Bond movie.

Friday- Shopping in Santa Fe and hiking in Bandalier! So much fun!

Negotiating prices in Santa Fe

Cathedral in Santa Fe with "Miraculous Staircase"

Climbing Ladders in Bandalier!

Saturday- Christmas decorating! Bowling, I guess my family bowls a lot now that Doug is on a bowling league! Garcia's kitchen, famous for their green chile. Home to Rexburg.

It was such a fun week! We really loved spending time with family and seeing all the sites of New Mexico! It is strange to think that the next time we see my parents- they will be grandparents!

I hope everyone is loving the transition into the Christmas season as much as I am!

Sheree Bingham

Monday, November 19

Color in Motion 5k - Dallas

This weekend was my awesome business trip to Dallas! What a crazy city! The traffic was unbelievable and the water tastes funny, and its true - everything is bigger in texas! But overall a great experience I am really glad I went!

It was in the 70's everyday this weekend in Dallas- then returned to a whopping 40 degrees in Rexburg, but worth it to be back with Brett! (He also deep cleaned the apartment while I was gone! He is fantastic!

The race went really smoothly and the energy there was fantastic! People had SO much fun and just loved it! I got some really fun pictures, but of course the best ones were taken by our professional photographer.

After three super packed days (packet stuffing, packet pickup, and race day) I was able to relax- after race clean up, and my brother Brent and his wife came down from Houston to hang out! It was great seeing them, we got to shop around for baby clothes, tour the biggest mall I have ever been in, and go out to dinner! Brent took a picture of me and Brandi next to an "expecting mom" parking spot sign.

Next Week- Thanksgiving! Woohoo! Bring on family, food, and the start of Christmas music!

Sheree Bingham

3500 people is a lot!

Monday, November 12

It's a boy!

This week we had our baby appointment and found out that the first addition to our family is a boy! Questions we get most often (1) Are you so excited? (2) Were you surprised? (3) Have you come up with any names yet? Answers: (1) YES!!! (2) Yes! (3) No, it is a lot harder than we thought!

Our baby definitely takes after Brett- we could NOT get a picture of baby's face! The doctor had to take a 3D picture and digitally delete his arms to get a good look at his face! Binghams don't really like having their picture taken - I have no idea why, I love pictures.

When we found out we were pregnant I starting making two baby blankets, a boy one and a girl one. I finished the boy one while Brett was gone this weekend!

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up and we are looking forward to all the adventures!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, November 4

Pocatello, Branding, and Scentsy!


Halloween was fun- we did our traditional Halloween casserole in a pumpkin, made caramel apples, and had some friends over for dinner. We went to Broulim's to get the kit for caramel apples and received expert advice from the bakery - it pays to know the cake decorator!

This week was a lot of work and school. Brett went to Utah for his internship this weekend and in his spare time helped with branding cattle. 

On Saturday I hosted a Scentsy party! My sister in law sells it and I thought it would be fun, and it was! Timari and Mary came up from Honeyville for the party and it was fun to chat with them during the "down time" at the party. It was fun seeing some friends that I have not seen in a while and meeting more girls in the Relief Society. Overall, very successful!

As soon as they left I called Brett and he said he was driving back and that I should drive with Mary and Timari and meet up with him in Pocatello and we could go to dinner. So I caught them in the parking lot and got a ride! It was nice having more time to chat with them and to see Brett sooner than I thought. We went to Butterberrs, a cute diner place. 

The baby is doing really good, lots of kicking, we find out on Tuesday if it is a boy or a girl! We will be sure to update everyone!

Have a great sunday!

Sheree Bingham

Treats for the Scentsy Party

Monday, October 22

Pumpkin Roll


It is a well known fact among those closest to me that I do not like Halloween. I have never really liked it. I remember being 6 or 7, maybe younger, and being dressed up as a clown for a ward party and not liking it! I do not like dressing up, eating tons of candy, cold weather, creepy costumes, etc. I am the scrooge of halloween.

However, I do enjoy fall! I like pumpkins, the changing leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate, etc. My point of saying this: I feel like I have done my first fall thing since fall began... pumpkin roll! A lot of people at work have mentioned making pumpkin rolls and I had some time before Brett came back from Utah, so I made one! It was fun and a lot easier than I thought.

Life continues as normal! I have a business trip to Dallas coming up in a few weeks to help manage our Color in Motion 5k's first race. It will be neat to see everything come together. Brett is working hard in his internship, school, and studying for the GMAT.

I hope everyone is loving fall!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, October 14

565 miles, MTC, and Conference!

This last week and a half has been super busy!

First there was conference, which we absolutely loved! I enjoyed listening to some of the priesthood session talks today while I was waiting for Brett to come home from church (he stayed late with his calling.)

On Tuesday I drove down to Woods Cross to meet up with my family! Well, my parents and brother Craig anyway. They were bringing Craig to Utah to take him to the MTC! We stayed in Woods cross so that we could go to the 8:00 session at the Salt Lake temple on Tuesday night. It was nice going through with family, Brett missed out on all the adventures because he had class.

Wednesday we took Craig to the MTC. It was great to see all the young men in their missionary attire lined up to greet the new missionaries. I can't believe how fast it happened. One minute he was in the car talking to us the next he was being swept away by a group of missionaries that were saying things like "don't worry we'll take good care of him." They did allow us to get out of the car for one last hug. Craig made me promise to send word to him the second we know if we are having a boy or a girl. He'll be a fabulous uncle. I headed back to Rexburg and my parents headed back to Albuquerque right after dropping him off. I am really glad i was able to go.

This weekend I decided last minute to go with Brett to Honeyville. It was nice having the time in the car to talk, but once he gets there he is all work. Except for the breaks he takes to kill flies. I guess it is that time of year on the farm. Brett killed about 20 flies in less than an hour.

Brett's brother Ryan was in Utah this weekend for work, it was nice to catch up with him and hear how his family is doing.

It was fun to see nieces and nephews. My favorite was having my 8 year old nephew tell me that hospital food is his favorite and don't worry the beds are really comfortable, and then my 7 year old niece look at me with a horrified look on her face and told me she is never going to have a baby because you have to get so many shots and am I scared?! They are the best!

Work and school continue to go well!

Sheree Bingham

Full time intern, part time fly killer

Thursday, October 11

18 Ways my Husband Tells Me He Loves Me

18 Ways My Husband Tells Me He Loves me:

1. He says "I Love You!"
     You can never underestimate the phrase. It should never be assumed that your significant other "knows" that you love them. Say it and say it often!

2. When he wakes up before me and sees me curled up into a ball on my right side shivering, he throws an extra blanket on top of me.
     The first time he did this I nearly jumped out of bed because it scared me so bad, but now when he does it I know that it is a sign of love. It is him taking the time to notice and do something nice for me.

3. When our song comes on the radio in the car or at a restaurant he asks, "Do you know this song"?
     "Collide" by Howie Day. It is the only song Brett knows how to play on the guitar and at the time we were dating was the number one listened to song on my ipod. It was meant to be!

4. When he tells a joke that he thinks may have hurt my feelings or that maybe I that I didn't get, he turns to me and winks, just so I know that his intentions were not to harm and that he thinks he is hilarious.
     It is amazing how often this happens. Usually if I am confused by something he says I will look over at him and he is winking. 

5. He always get my favorite Little Caesars pizza when we do pizza and movie nights, even though he would prefer Pizza Pie Cafe or Papa Murphy's.
     Brett is a huge pizza lover. I am not. Brett could live off of pizza. Once a month is plenty for me. I tell him that he can get other pizzas if he wants, but he will always come home with the one he knows I like the best. Sweet. Heart.

6. He "Surprises" me.
     Brett loves telling me that he will be home in about 3 hours and then coming through the door 20 mins later. I do not really understand why, but it is one of his ways of saying I love you and I want to be with you. 

7. He asks me to edit his papers.
     As a graduate of Communication I have written stacks and stacks of papers in my life. As my husband is an Accounting major he has not had as many wonderful opportunities. However, he could probably get by the same way my Engineer father does - with spell check and does it "sound right." I love that he still chooses to involve me and let me help him. It is a great way of saying I love you.

8. Regular Scripture study and Family prayer.
     I am so grateful that Brett has always lead our family (yes family of 2 for now) in family prayer and scripture study. We recognize that we need the help from the Lord and we need his spirit in our lives daily, and he helps the spirit in our home by being a great priesthood leader.

9. He Cleans.
     This may not happen very often, but when he does it is a really big help and he does an AMAZING job. He is so thorough in his cleaning. For example, when I came home from being out of town he was in the bathroom with a razor scraping soap scum off of the shower walls. Pretty amazing, huh?!

10. He plans.
     I am a planner. I like to see the end from the beginning as much as possible. This is not my husbands way, he is a take it as it comes unless it is something really important kind of guy. When he sits down and plans out a date or is willing to talk to me about our daughters serving missions when they are nineteen it is a way that he shows me that he loves me.

11. He cares for my family.
     Hardly a day goes by when Brett will not ask me about someone in my family. He wants to be involved as much as he can. I believe he now has the honor of writing the first letter received by my little brother Craig in the mission field, he desperately wants to be able to beat my little brother Doug at bowling, He always reminds me to call my family, he will randomly ask questions about my brother in Texas, he likes hearing about how my Dad's companies are doing, and he enjoys claiming his innocence in the hitting my mom with a paddle incident. Where I came from- my family- is important to me and he makes sure that it is important to him.

12. He will message me on facebook.
     This one may seem silly, but it is a way Brett shows me he loves me because he is not a big facebooker (its a new word?), but I am. So he will write the occasional message or "poke" me just to show me that he is paying attention.

13. He responds to my texts
     I am throwing this one in there because I have recently discovered that not all husbands do this. Brett and I are apart a lot these days and it is nice to know that he will respond when I have a question or am just lonely. He loves me :)

14. He doesn't eat my snacks - even when I say he can.
     As a pregnant person I have found that I feel a whole lot better if I have a snack between meals, so I will pick up some granola bars, string cheese, etc when I do the month shopping. I will tell Brett that he is welcome to anything I get, but he leaves "my snacks" to me. I at first thought it was because he didn't like the snacks I was getting, but when he starts turning down strawberry yogurt covered pretzels...

15. He lets me listen to David Archuletta.
     When we travel, and take my car, we are usually stuck with my music. I will admit- I have four david archuletta CD's in my car. He will tolerate it, once we were traveling around christmas time and we were listening to David's christmas album and I fell asleep in the middle of the 2nd song. When I woke up it was on the last song. He let me listen to the entire CD over again because I had missed most of it. This is truly selfless and he would not do it if he did not really love me :)

16. He lets me follow him around in the morning.
     Brett is kinda like a zombie in the morning. Not very responsive, I worked really hard all through college to make myself more of a morning person- or to at least wake up happy and so when I jump out of bed I am ready to talk and that's usually what I do. I will follow Brett around the apartment as he is brushing his teeth, packing his backpack, whatever it is and talk to him. I realize that this is probably not his ideal morning but he lets me and is pretty good about grunting in response.

17. He carries most of the grocery up the stairs.
     When we do our big month shopping trips the thing that I dread the most is carrying the groceries up three flights of stairs,e specially in the winter. Brett will grab more bags than should be humanly possible and carries them up the stairs. He will always be the one to make a second trip down to the car.  This may be a small example but he is always willing to help me out.

18. He holds my hand.
     Nothing feels better than having Brett reach for my hand or put his arms around me when I am cold. Knowing that he wants to be their means the world. I am sure he would be just fine not holding hands but because he knows I like it and because he loves me, he tries not to forget.

These are a few of the many ways Brett tells me he loves me.

I did not just pick a random number, the 9th was our 18 month mark. I know that after a year you are not suppose to count in months anymore, but I just wanted to say something special about my husband to mark the occasion!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, September 23

Top 10 Questions asked in our Home

Top 10 questions asked in our home:

10. What's for dinner?
9. Are you coming home tonight or tomorrow?
8. Did you have lunch already?
7. How was babysitting?
6. Do you have any more homework tonight?
5. Did you talk to anyone today? (phone calls to/from family and friends)
4. How are you feeling?
3. How's the internship going?
2. How was work?
1. How was class?

Sometimes we go over all these questions in a day and sometimes we only have time for one or two of them, usually asked over the phone as one of us is driving from one activity to another. Despite the lack of time we get to spend together, it is sure fun to see all the things we are accomplishing. We are both learning so much at work and school and we are really learning to make our time together quality because quantity is just not an option!

Sheree Bingham

Saturday, September 15

Brett went back to school

Our wonderful summer has ended. We sure had some great times!

Brett is back to school. I like that now we can say next semester is his last! This semester he is taking:

  • Income Tax (the 2nd half)
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Professional Internship
  • GMAT prep class
Doesn't that just make you want to go to his classes with him! No? Yeah, me neither :) He sure has a big load this semester: classes, internship, accounting society ambassador, studying for the GMAT. I know he'll do great! 

I have continued loving my job with Color in Motion 5k. We have 3 races coming up in the next couple months in Dallas, Jacksonville, and then Houston. The interns and I absolutely love watching as more and more people sign up for the races! I also keep busy with baby sitting one of my good friends daughters- 1 1/2 and absolutely adorable- while she goes to class. There will also be institute and yoga class to keep me busy starting next week. (I try to stay busy so that I don't go crazy watching Brett do homework- its not good for either of us) 

That is a quick update on the Binghams!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. I think everyone has heard, but just in case, Baby coming in March :)

Monday, September 3

Bear World!

Happy Labor day everyone!

Today has been a very packed day! We went to Idaho Falls to do some back to school shopping for Brett - he is down to one pair of jeans without holes in them. We went to the mall and loved the Labor Day Sales! We then enjoyed Brett's favorite restaurant, Texas Road house! We got two meals, two salads and an onion blossom for 16 dollars!

What I feel was the highlight of our day - Bear World! We have lived in Rexburg for so long and never taken the time (or money) to go to Bear world! I am so glad we did :)

We drove through and saw deer, elk, mountain goats, buffalo, black bears, grizzly bears, and even wolves! It was so cool. Some of the bears would come right up to the car and sniff around!

Funny Story: As you drive through you are not supposed to stop. You just go 3-5 miles an hour the entire time, so we were pretty annoyed when the car in front of us was stopped. Then out of nowhere the biggest black bear in the whole park come walking straight toward our car. I am saying "Aw, its so cute!" And Brett is panicking saying, "go cars, go NOW, go, go, go!" He was legitimately scared, maybe I would have been more so if it had been on my side of the car. Side note: we were fine it just walked up to the car sniffed around and walked past. As I laughed at Brett later he said, "That was scary! It looked me straight in the eyes!"

They also had a petting zoo that was fun, we got to pet baby deer and goats, I was not going to go anywhere near those chickens though! no thanks!

Overall a great day :)

Sheree Bingham


Bear cub fight!

This is the bear walking right past our car window!

Baby deer!

This one was super friendly!

No baby cub just yet ;)

Oh wow!

They kept the really little ones seperate!

Tuesday, August 28

Honeyville, Wicked, and the Fair!

This last week was spent in Honeyville with Brett's Family. He started his internship last week and was getting all the information he would need. It was neat to go with him to meet with the CPA - thanks to my Accounting 101 class I was able to recognize some of the big words they used!

We went to the fair a couple times during the week and enjoyed the rodeo on Thursday. Brett got me the cutest purse- thanks honey! At first he wouldn't even come into the little purse booth area but I gradually broke him down to the point where he would hold out both hands and hold different purses for me so I could compare them side-by-side. I know- such a great husband! We went to the fair again with Laura and Steve and there kids. Jack(3) was so brave going on all the rides I couldn't believe it!

On Saturday all the girls went to Wicked! For our birthdays this year (and next) Mary, Brett's mom, bought us tickets to see the play in Salt Lake. It was amazingly awesome, and we had a great time. The talent was amazing and it was so fun to see the story behind all the songs I have heard for forever. "Defying Gravity" was definitely my favorite song.

Hope everyone is well,

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, August 19

Broulims and the Haunted Swingset

Goodbye Broulims!! That's right. Saturday was Brett's last day at Broulims and on Monday he is starting his internship. We are very happy to be moving on to this next step- one that felt like it was never going to happen! Brett says that he is glad to be leaving Broulims but feels sad to leave some of his friends that are there.

To celebrate Brett's quitting of Broulims we went to Pizza Pie Cafe (more commonly known as Craigos here in Rexburg) and went out to "the haunted swing set". Shout out to those who know what I am talking about :)

Our apartment is being re-carpeted this week so we are trying to be the best engineers possible right now and think of all the creative ways of getting everything off our carpet and into the kitchen and bathroom. It has to be possible right?! We will make it happen! It is one of many many things that we have to do tomorrow morning. Yikes!

We are looking forward to a ward ice cream social tonight. It is so nice when everyone in the ward lives right next door to each other- ward activities can be just right downstairs!

Have a good week!

Sheree Bingham

One of my favorites from family pictures!

Sunday, August 12

Whats the Dealio?!


I realize that my blogging has been rather inconstant lately. It's summertime, what can I say?!

This week Brett worked almost everyday. He is coming up on quitting day and it seems like Broulims wants to get the most out of him as they can! They have him training his replacement, which he seems to really enjoy, he gets to show them how to do things the RIGHT way (his way).

Color in Motion 5k has been busy. We are working on getting people to our social media sites and getting the word out about our races! There is a link on the right side of my blog that will take you to the website if you are still confused on what it is that we do.

On Wednesday I was at work and one of the race directors came in with this huge smile on his face and said- do you know what the dealio is today? He got some strange looks from some of the interns that had no idea what dealio is. (It is a texting/email service that offers daily deals at local restaurants.) The dealio on Wednesday was buy one get one free Calzones at 5 buck pizza and buy one get one free at Kiwi Loco. So guess what we did! Yep- we took both dealio offers! I like Kiwi Loco because it reminds me of the now closed down TwizzleBerry where me and Brett had our first date.

We also went and saw Men in Black 3 this weekend. It was funny and witty and cheesy just like the other 2! I will admit I am not the biggest fan of the gross alien things.

So that is our week in a nut shell! I hear that a lot of cousins/neices/nephews/siblings/etc are headed back to school this week, so Good Luck! Especially Doug- because sophomore year of high school can be awesome!

Take Care,

Sheree Bingham

Here are some family pictures from Brett's Reunion... look at all those cute kidos!

Friday, August 3

Bingham Bear Lake Reunion

This week we spent time with Brett's family at Bear Lake! It was so much fun seeing all the nieces and nephews... yep all 11 of them under the same roof! This doesn't happen very often and I am so glad we got to see everyone.

We spent a lot of time out on the boat, Brett loved the wake boarding/surfing and was getting pretty good at it by the end. I was content just watching. I did let the guys talk me in to some tubing, which was fun! Me and Brett got to watch some Olympics for the first time since they started... go team USA! Brett bought me a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake which was delicious. It was a quick trip, but packed with fun. Brett was not as diligent with the sun screen this time around and is pretty red. Between that and the sore muscles I can only imagine how much he is enjoying work right now.

It is nice to enjoy the summer with family. It has been a great 7 week break so far and many adventures yet to come!

Take Care,

Sheree Bingham

Brett and Steve are in the water trying to anchor the boat with a big rock.

Sunday, July 29

Sunday Nap?

Hey All,

I didn't think it was possible, but Rexburg has proved me wrong-- it is HOT! We are trying to save on the electric bill so we try not to run the air conditioner during the day- just for a little bit before we go to bed. I learned very soon after we were married that Brett does not handle hot weather very well, and of coarse we all know how well Sheree handles the cold...

Anyway, I thought I would share a picture of how Brett decided to combat the heat today.


Nap Time!

Friday, July 27

Griffith Family Reunion July 2012

Family Reunion! It was so much fun getting together with my family. We went and enjoyed a couple days up at a cabin in Island Park, ID and had a lot of adventures!

We went rafting, boating, jetskiing, and tubing. We had smores around a campfire- enjoyed some wildlife (mostly bugs, some bald eagles, and a bunny). We played games and laughed at each other a lot. Such fun.

Two stories I wanted to share-- one of which almost exiled my husband from all other family reunions.

1. While rafting the guide was explaining how to help someone back in the boat if they fall out. it is no easy task. I joked and said, "Dad, no falling off the raft, we may not get you back in!" Should never have said that. He did fall off about 30 minutes into the rafting trip! He fell into the water and then the raft went directly over him and when he emerged he has one hand up in the air holding his glasses like a trophy and his other hand on his head protecting his hat. It was hilarious!

2. Oh boy. So my Dad needed to get back into the raft and to do that you have to pull them in by the top of their life jacket. My sweet husband was the first to volunteer, he is the strongest of the boys... hee hee. So as he goes to get my Dad, he swings his paddle out of his way really fast and hard and hits my mom right on the forehead! She didn't even see it coming! She was knocked backwards into the middle of the raft, right on top of my sister in law Brandi. She was ok- just a pretty good bump on her head and a headache for a while. I don't think Brett will ever live this one down... It doesn't help his case that he almost flipped the jet ski while giving her a ride...

I feel like the reunion was a great success. It was good to be all together before Craig leaves on his mission in October and Brent and Brandi move to Texas for the rest of forever.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. Saturday we had family pictures taken!

By the Temple

Oh My!

Tubing with Brandi

Jet Ski

By the Lake

Great PJ's Craig!

Look a bunny!

Dinner and show

The handsome skipper