Sunday, April 14

Labor Story, Happy Anniversary, and Graduation!

Big update!

Labor Story (for the curious- I would not recommend reading this if you have not had children yet!): I'll give the short version... We went to the hospital at 6:30 am on March 31st- John was born at 7:29 am April 1st: 25 hours later! I got to the hospital and they immediately started a pitocin drip- my contraction were regular and strong, they broke my water a couple hours later and I continued to progress normally. Then Johns heart rate started dropping after my contractions which is a sign that the baby is under stress. They lowered my pitocin levels to see if that would help and it did, but then I got a fever and Johns heart rate went really high. They took me off the pitocin and then I started having 6-10 minute long contractions, they should be between 30 and 45 seconds long. I had had my epidural by this point and was glad to not be feeling the full strength of the contractions. They put me on oxygen and that helped to calm down the baby's heart rate. Once my fever started to go back down they started me back on the pitocin. at 9pm the doctor came in and said he would stay at the hospital until I had my baby- I don't think he realized that would be another 10 hours! He was very patient. I finally fully dilated early the next morning- pushed for several hours to no avail- the Dr. tried a vacuum and that didn't work- john wouldn't fit under my pelvic bone and he was turned with his nose to the left. After trying everything we went in for a c section. I guess even the short version of the story is kinda long. We are so glad to just to have him here healthy and strong! Both of us are still doing really well!

This is how I like to sleep!
Stretching out in Daddy's lap!
Tuesday was our 2 year anniversary! There was not too much celebrating since brett went to class all morning and then worked all night- not to mention we had an 8 day old baby- I did get flowers! We sure have had a great 2 years! Lots of trials and triumphs :)

Brett now has a bachelors degree in accounting. Both of our parents came up for graduation- it was great to see everyone! I am so proud of him and all the hard work he put in, it has not been easy and the last few weeks of the semester were extremely stressful for him! We are glad that it is over and we are on to the next step which is...

ISU! The day before graduation Brett received his acceptance letter for Idaho State University. He has been accepted into their masters of accounting program- it starts in July. ISU is in pocatello, but the accounting program is run out of their extension in Idaho Falls. So we will be moving down that direction in the next couple months!

Take Care!
Sheree Bingham

Monday, April 1

John Kent Bingham

Introducing John Kent Bingham

Born April 1st at 7:29 am
9 lbs 7 oz
22.5 inches

He has very dark blue/grey eyes, lots of strawberry blonde hair, and a cute personality!