Sunday, February 24

Honeyville Baby Shower!


This weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday Brett and I went down to Utah for a baby shower with his family! It was awesome! The roads were a little icy on the way up, but mostly clear on our way back- all the driving made for a long day, but it was worth it!

The biggest surprise of the day was walking into my sister-in-laws house where the baby shower was being hosted and seeing my mom sitting on the couch! She flew up from New Mexico to come to my baby shower! It was great having so many people I love all together to celebrate our baby! Thank you to everyone that helped and put so much effort into making it a special event- and to those that came to show their support!

The theme was "Mustache Bash" and so one of the games was "Name the famous mustache", we were given a sheet of paper with faces of famous mustaches (only from like the nose down) I was able to identify 3: Captain hook, Einstein, and Hitler. My aunt won and she ended up naming about 10- I think... We also played a baby version of Scattergories- It was really fun hearing what words people thought I might hear/say during labor- We also got some interesting baby name ideas, lol.

Here are some fun pictures of the event. There were more taken, so hopefully I can add some more when I get them (hint,hint) :)

Opening/organizing gifts!
Chocolate Mustaches!

Have a great Sunday!

Sheree Bingham

Thursday, February 14

Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day! Unfortunately for Brett and I Valentines had to fall on a Thursday- he works just about every thursday... But that is ok! He took me to Costa Vida last night to celebrate, it was delicious! Tonight I am making him a meal that we have not had since we were engaged. Whenever Brett would want to make a nice meal to try and impress me he would make frozen cour don blu and rice. (This is around the time I was realizing that Brett is really not a cook!) Anyway, I thought I would bring back the memories and make frozen cour don blu and rice for dinner!

Today I went with Brett to conflict management where we got to discuss the movie 12 Angry Men- which we watched together last night, and identified all the different types of power the different men used, as a class assignment.  If you have not seen it I highly recommend it, but not the newer version, the old one that is in black and white. It is 1 1/2 hours long and worth it! Here is a link if you want to watch it on YouTube: 12 Angry Men.

Last weekend was my sister in laws, Brandi's, baby shower! My brother Brent and his wife are expecting a baby girl almost exactly a month after us. Brent and Brandi came to Idaho Falls (where Brandi's parents live) friday and we got to go to lunch with them and then I was able to see them both again on Saturday at the baby shower. They got some fun/cute gifts! Lots of pink :) It was good seeing them again- visits are short and far between now that they are in Texas, but we cherish the moments together! The next time we see each other we will both have babies! How fun is that!

We did smile for a picture too...
Oh Baby!
Take Care!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, February 3

Catch up!

Time to catch up on the blog!

Brett has been going to school, working, and applying for jobs.

Sheree has been cleaning, organizing, planning, and babysitting.

You are now caught up!

Sheree Bingham

This is one of many "professional" shots we did of Brett- he needed a new picture for his linked in page.

Can't believe I am posting this. 31 weeks pregnant- I am now 32 weeks.