Thursday, April 9

Do you like your little brother?

John gets asked this everywhere we go- the usual answer is a blank stare so let me just clarify for everyone. Yes! John loves Tyson, he tells him (and me) all the time! 

This morning I was playing some country music in the kitchen and John grabbed Tyson's little hands and said "Dance Tyson!" He also becomes very concerned when Tyson cries. He always makes sure I know. (Yes, John I hear him…) 

Of course there are the jealous moments when John decides to throw a ball at Tyson or puts a blanket over his face or squishes him, but more and more there interaction involve kisses and tickling and cute explanations of what is going on ("Tyson, daddy at work" "Tyson time for bath" and about 10 times a day "Tyson diaper change!").

The real question should be "Tyson, do you like your older brother?" Haha

Adjusting to two kids is hard, but adjusting to one was harder. Its hard work but very rewarding. I wish I had time to write more cute stories but John is trying to break down his door instead of taking a nap- gotta run!