Sunday, November 27

Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Decorations!

Hey There!

It was a very busy week, but a lot of fun busy instead of the usual school and work busy! It was a fantastic Thanksgiving break!

We left Wednesday night and arrived in Honeyville pretty late. We watched Brett's Mom stuff the turkey and get things prepped for the next day while joking around with Heather (Brett's little sister). Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun, there were about 20 people enjoying the feast. Brett and I sure have a lot to be Thankful for and it was nice to have a day to reflect on all of our blessings.

Thursday night, at midnight, was my first ever black Friday shopping experience. We went to wal-mart and it was seriously like a sports arena in their. Very loud and people rushing everywhere. I think that everyone got what they went for!

Friday we went to Ogden to do some Christmas shopping and then once back in Rexburg me and the sister in laws (Me, Heather, Mandy, Timari, and Laura) went to see the new twilight movie. It was a lot of fun spending time with the girls and the movie was good! Brett helped the guys brand cattle while we were gone.

We headed home Saturday morning so we could both get back to work. Today we put up our Christmas Tree! I had a lot of ornaments to put on the tree because growing up each Christmas my grandma Kay and Papa would buy each of the grandchildren a Christmas ornament! I have pictures below- I love them and am so grateful to grandma Kay for the awesome tradition that I will be able to remember year after year! I was also able to set up the cute nativity set that Grandma Griffith gave me for Christmas several years ago!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and getting excited to celebrate this special time of year!
Sheree Bingham

Brett driving the semi!

Christmas Tree! Zoom in to see the neat ornaments!

This ornament sings jingle bells

Another pretty ornament, I think this one was from the year I was 11.


Sunday, November 20

Other things this past week...

Hey y'all,

Well, my mom's surprise visit was really the big events of this week, but we did do some other things.

Sunday night my cousin Rachelle came over to introduce us to her new boyfriend, we approve. We played "Would you rather," which is a game I got for Christmas last year but had only played once. We loved it! We will definitely play it more!

Sometime a couple weeks ago I was using Brett's scripture marker and set it down and then couldn't find it again. We didn't worry about it too much because things don't really stay lost in our small apartment for too long. It didn't show up though and so we really looked and Brett ended up finding it after he stuck his hand way deep into the couch cushions, however, the scripture marker is not the only thing we found. I hope the picture of what we found does not deter anyone from sitting on our couch!

We are looking forward to some days off school and our trip down to Honeyville for Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Sheree Bingham

Rachelle and Chris

The content of our couch, yikes! (see the spoon...)

Saturday, November 19

My Mom Came to Rexburg!

Hello Everyone!

This week started out very normal, classes, work, and such but then I got a huge shock!

Here's the Story:

On Tuesday Brett told me that his friends little sister was coming back from Brigham City and had stopped in Honeyville to get some books that Brett had left at home. He said that she was going to be coming in on the Salt Lake Express on Wednesday and was wondering if I could get them from her when the bus came in. It happened to fit perfectly into my schedule and so I said I would. The next day I arrived at the bus stop and was waiting and waiting inside the building (because it was so so cold outside)! I was on the phone with Brett and looking around for someone that fit the description of Brett's friends little sister and then I glanced out the door and MY MOM was walking towards me! I was completely shocked! I ran to her gave her a big hug, there was probably some screaming and a little bit of crying.

Brett was the only one that knew she was coming and he kept it a secret really well! There were some strange behaviors such as randomly deciding to deep clean the apartment by himself and asking me very detailed questions about my week, but I remained completely clueless!

Brent and Craig (my brothers who are here in Rexburg) did not know that she was coming either.

So my mom was here from Wednesday night to just this morning (Saturday). The original idea for her coming was to come to Craig's play. He was in "The Lazy Chaperon" which is a hilarious musical, he did an amazing job!

We had so much fun going to see Craig's play! I saw it twice with my mom and am going tonight with Brett, I think I will enjoy it just as much the third time as I did the first!

I really enjoyed having my mom here. We got to go talk and play and we even did some early Christmas shopping! I hope she had as much fun as we did even though it is about 40 degrees colder here than it is in Albuquerque!

Anyway, I will post again tomorrow about other events that happened this week, but I thought that this was enough for its own post.

Sheree Bingham

P.S. My mom took this picture of me and Brett!

First Kiss under the mistletoe!

Sunday, November 13

Bowling, kidnapping, and homework.

Hello All!

Saturday was our big homework day, we went to the Library at around 11am and when we left at around 4:30 there was about a foot of snow on the ground. We were really surprised because when we went to the library the skies were clear and there was very little snow on the ground. Guess that's Rexburg for you!

I did get kidnapped by my husband this week. He got off work early and picked me up to take me to Mongolian grill down in Idaho Falls. I have never seen anything like it, it was good food at a good price!

Yesterday we went and redeemed one of our free games of bowling. We aren't as good as my little brother Doug who bowls constantly, but we did fairly well and had a great time! We went to the bowling ally on campus and I don't think we will ever go anywhere else, it is a very very good price and super nice! the scores? Brett: 115 Sheree: 97

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Sheree Bingham
Snow! That is the Spori building where I work and have most my classes.

Go Brett!

I hoped to break a hundred!

Sick of pictures? Too bad! You are married to me :)

Sunday, November 6

Glow golf and the start of a snowy winter!

Hello Friend and Family!

What a COLD week! It is not fun crossing campus at 7 in the morning, take our word for it! This week was midterms and I am so glad that it is over! We are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester!

Christmas is coming!!! I guess we should be worrying about Thanksgiving first, but I absolutely love Christmas time! I told myself and Brett that I would not listen to Christmas music until it snowed. This accomplishes 2 things: (1) I don't dread the snow so much because now it is associated with something I like... Christmas Music! (2) I don't drive Brett crazy by listening to the Christmas Melodies too early in the season. Well, the second one didn't really help because it started snowing yesterday! I now have David Archuleta's Christmas Album playing in my car and my Christmas list on my Ipod!

Brett and I went on a fun date this week (free thanks to the starving student card). We went Glow mini golfing and the local movie theater here in Rexburg. It was way fun, and I regret to admit that Brett beat me by a lot of points :)

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the anticipation of the upcoming holidays like I am!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. We also got to talk to our oldest Nephew Brance who was baptized Yesterday. Congratulations to him, we are super happy for him and the big step he has taken!

Living in a winter wonderland!

My car is the lucky one that gets to be under the cover, Brett's is the one that gets covered in snow.

Look out Behind you! Mini Golf :)

Oh Sorry, I thought you were my husband.

I like this one!

He's feeling good because he won!