Thursday, January 30

John's Surgery

Everything went great- he is grumpy and hates his bandage but we are handling it the best we can!

The Story:

John was born with a "skin tag" on his neck. We were told he could have it removed when he was older, but just to be safe they sent us to a specialist who took one look at it and knew it was not just a skin tag. He thought it was a branchial cleft cyst but wouldn't know until the actual surgery.

At 6:30 this morning we headed to Rexburg where the surgery was scheduled at Madison Memorial Hospital. I think I drove about 40 MPH all the way there because of icy roads.

They checked us in at the hospital and got John into surgery at 7:20. About 45 minutes later the Dr came and said he was in recovery and that I could see him when he woke up. He told me that it was a branchial cleft cyst and that it went all the way back almost to his voice box and then looped around a muscle in his neck. He closed off the tract and stitched him up! He has 8 stitches- a little frankenstein baby!


playing with oxygen tube

This was a very emotional experience for all of us and I am so glad it is over!

He has a follow up appointment on Friday to have his stitches removed.

Monday, January 20

Brett's Birthday and more John Pics!

I never got around to blogging Brett's Birthday- here it is!

Brett turned 26 last week! Old man :) It also was his first day of work at INL which is why the calculator cake made sense! Cute accountant! After work we went and claimed his free burger at Red Robin. I think he had a good day- I tried!

And here are some picture of John that I wanted to share but didn't know where to put!

Being a good sport with his chair on the floor so the missionaries would have a place to sit around the table!

His nightly face mask...

Brett and John love reading together!

Bright Sunny January Day!

The weather warmed up to above freezing today and the skies were beautiful and clear! We just had to get out! So we bundled up and walked to the swings just down the street! John loved it- and it was really nice to get outside!

Thursday, January 16

Baby Talk and Bronchial Cyst

The other day when I was carrying John down the stairs to my car he started going, ba-baba-ba-bababa… he was imitating the neighbors dog barking :)

He also will say "banana" and "yesssssss!" He loves the "s" sound.

It is sure fun being a mom! Hard work- but fun!

Brett is in his first week of work and so far is really enjoying it. The security at the site is interesting, lots of little rules like- no visitors, no phones is specific building, and routine drug testing.

On Brett's first day of work John kept saying "dada, dada, dada" all day long and looking around for him. It was also the day he learned the word banana, so he would say "dada, dada, dada, banana, dada?" It was really cute!

Bundled up! Lookin' tired!
John was born with a "skin tag" on his neck which upon further investigation by a specialist was found to be some sort of bronchial cyst. He is scheduled for surgery to have it removed in a few weeks. Poor guy!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sheree Bingham

Friday, January 3

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and INL!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Stuck under the Christmas Tree!
I am excited to spread the news about Brett's new internship! It is such a blessing for our family and is a "dream job" for him- even though he would never tell anyone that!

Brett applied to and interviewed with Idaho National Laboratories (INL) at the start of December and right before Christmas he got his offer letter! He accepted and the back ground check began- medical records, credit check, references, everything! Thanks to all those that answered all their questions, they were very thorough.

It is a full time paid internship. He will be working a lot with internal control. We can give more details after he has starts- which is on the 13th (Happy Birthday Brett!), but not too many details because it is very high security! He will take a couple of classes as well.

It is so nice to know more of what the future holds for our family!

John had his 9 month wellness check yesterday and he is doing great! He is meeting all the milestones and growing very well. He has now doubled his birth weight- at 20 lbs and 29 inches! He is happy and healthy and we love him lots!

9 months old!

He fell asleep while Brett was reading him Harry Potter!

Take Care, Sheree Bingham