Sunday, June 24

Feeding the Birds!

Hey Everyone!

This week has been busy! I feel like poor Brett is never able to catch his breath, always one things to the next all week long!

Brett has a golf class that requires him to go golfing 6 times before the semester is over. I have never golfed before - apparently mini golf doesn't count- but this week I went with Brett. I didn't golf, just walked around with him. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I mostly just talked his ear off and laughed with him. (notice I did not say at him:) He does very well for a beginner. I hope one of these times to actually golf, just have to find the time and extra $$.

Cute Golfer!

We also went to the duck pond with some friends from work. At Broulims they have a lot of bread that gets thrown away at the end of the day, but this time me and a coworker asked if we could keep some loaves to feed to the ducks. Lucky ducks got leftover Italian and red pepper asiago bread!

I have recently discovered that swimming at BYUI is free during open swim hours, even if you are not a student! They will even let you wear your own swimming suit! I went with a friend last night and plan on talking Brett into going with me sometime as well!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, June 17

Love my Husband!

Happy Fathers Day!

I Love my Dad and Brett sure loves his! I also know that Brett will be a great Daddy someday!

Last fathers day was the 2nd time I ever blogged. Kinda cool!

So this week I had a strange realization. I am really glad to have a husband to get mad at. Now the story...

We both were at work this week and Brett did something that made me SO mad! I won't tell you what but I was seething, it had been a VERY long time since I have let myself get that angry. (I only post this because I think there are other wives out there that can relate to this emotion?) Anyway, I was on break with Brett when he made me this angry and then my break ended and I had to get back to making sandwiches in the deli. I was scheming and planning all the mean things I was going to say to Brett. By the end of my shift I had it! I had my speech all lined out and boy was he going to get it! I went and clocked out and then started marching across the store to the bakery to give Brett my angry, "well thought out" speech, and then I passed Claudette...

I literally froze where I was standing. The day before Claudette- who is from Haiti - had shared with me why she was in Rexburg. Her husband was shot by another man and she and her two children were forced to flee the country. A million emotions crossed me all at the same time as I stood there frozen- shame, relief, surprise, and most importantly gratitude flooded my mind. There are so many women out there that have lost or are missing their husbands, and so many more that are wishing they had husbands, but just haven't found them yet. In my anger I had forgotten how lucky I truly am. I hope that I always remember what I learned in those few short seconds while passing Claudette. I love Brett and no matter how angry he may make me at times I am so grateful to have him. He is absolutely a blessing in my life and I hope to keep him around for many many years and then the rest of eternity :) I am so glad that I didn't give him my angry speech!

This may have seemed like a strange post for Father's Day but I felt like this is what I wanted to write about-so I did!

I hope everyone enjoys celebrating their fathers and husbands today!

Sheree Bingham
Sheree and her Dad
Brett with His Dad

Sunday, June 10

Why marry a boy from Honeyville?

Because you get to do things like this!

Hey Everyone!

This has been a great trip to Utah! I did things this week that I never thought I would ever do~ things such as feeding bum lambs, chasing cows, searching for spurs, and shopping at vanity!

I feel like I got to see the farm in completely different light this morning. On Saturday morning we woke up at 6 to go load cattle into the semi and get the horses into the horse trailer so that the guys could take the cattle out to the summer pasture in Idaho.

Before meeting Brett the closest I had come to an actual cow was a hamburger, but Saturday morning I got to get nice and close as we corralled them and ran them up the chute into the cattle trailer. For me this meant standing where Brett told me to, usually between him and his brother who was on his horse, so that the cows would go where we were trying to get them to go. Sometimes a cow would feel rebellious and try to go the opposite direction of the others and one of us had to scare it into going the right direction again. They are pretty easy to scare for how big they are- shoot, they were intimidated by me!

Brett's Spurs

His work boots

Chasing the Cattle

While they put all the cows into the semi I went and played with the horses, they were so much fun, until they started chewing on my hair...
Ray - smile for the camera!

Brett choosing a horse

Give that back!

I want to play!

This is the one Brett rode all day - Tuffy

Also Saturday morning we slipped on our flip flops and went to feed the lambs! They are really cute! "Bum" lamb means that the lambs mother died or couldn't feed them for one reason or another which means that in order to survive they need to be bottle fed. I was startled when I had finished feeding one and had turned my attention to Brett because the one I had just finished feeding started sucking on my toes!
Feeding Lily and Tommy Boy
When the guys left to take the cows to Idaho the girls (and my nephew Brody) went shopping! We went to the mall in Logan and had a great time! I got the cutest pair of jeans, and it was just nice to have some girl time! When the boys were on their way back I got a call from Brett saying to cancel all our cards- he lost his wallet. There is probably a cow chewing on it as I type...

Sunday we went to church and then spent time with the family. We finally got to meet our new niece, Maggie, this weekend! She is 2 months old and completely adorable! Overall a really fun weekend! We head back in the morning after getting Brett a new drivers license - he needs to get one in Utah so that he can keep his CDL license.

Take care!
Sheree Bingham

With nieces Morgan and Maggie!

Brett's turn!

Loving the farm together!
Beautiful Morning!

Sunday, June 3

Memorial Day, Mirrors, and Scoresby!

Hey There!

Long time no blog! Last week I was pretty sick with the flu, and just didn't feel like blogging!

I would just like to say that I absolutely love being graduated! I love being able to say that I have a degree in Communications. The extra free time is a nice perk to the whole situation as well! I have time to read, do extra chores, hang out with friends, and watch Brett do homework! (Ok- the last one is not my favorite)

Brett was sick on Memorial Day, so it was a low key day. It would have been nice to go to a park or something, but it was raining anyway. He did muster up the energy to go see Mirror, Mirror at the cheap theater with me. 

This weekend was not the most fun because I worked Friday and Saturday morning and Brett worked Friday and Saturday night. So the only times we really got to see each other were during the one hour in which our work hours overlaped. We could kinda wave at each other from across the store. So instead of sitting at home waiting for Brett to get off work on Saturday night I called my little brother and we went to Winco and a couple other places so that I could do our huge month shopping trip. It was nice having someone to go with me. Craig was super sweet and volunteered to help me carry all the groceries up the stairs! Greatly appreciated!

Winco -same old, same old- what was fun was Scoresby Market! It is a year round farmers market there in Idaho falls that sells fruit and vegetables from local farmers, Ok - for those who have gone to a farmers market before, but I just thought it was the cutest little store with the nicest people! The owner of the market was out stocking apples, I was impressed! I got a watermelon, honeydew, lettuce, oranges, grapes, potatoes, bell peppers, apples, and a cucumber for only 18 dollars!

Scoresbys Market
We had a break the fast as a ward today. It was nice sitting with our neighbors and chatting with everyone. I took a salad and got to use a fancy bowl that we got at our wedding for the first time!

Brett has been looking into different graduate programs and we think we found one that fits his goals the best. We are excitedly looking, but he still has to get through his bachelors degree, finish an internship and take the GMAT before we get too excited!

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and time out of school!

Sheree Bingham