Saturday, January 12

First Sewing Project!

For Christmas this year my mom gave me a sewing machine! I am so excited, but when it came to using the machine I was very nervous because it has been so many years since I have used one- I think the last thing I did was make a pair of pajamas in Young Womens (7 years ago...)

A really good friend came over and showed me how to do the basics again... things like threading the needle and reminding me what a bobbin is. It came back to me pretty quickly and I have a lot of projects I want to do over the next few months!

My first project: ~Taggie Square~

Don't look too close- I am still learning! It was really fun and a good starter project.

P.S. The idea is that this is something for the baby to play with and chew on. Babies really like feeling the different ribbon textures, etc. Its a small, fun, quiet toy!

Sheree Bingham

Wednesday, January 9

Back to School Again...

Brett is back to school! Last semester a BYUI- which is awesome! He is taking: Conflict Management, a Auditing class, Accounting Capstone, and Business Communications.

Brett came home from class the other day and exclaimed: "I hate communication classes!" As a communication graduate I could not understand this statement and so I inquired as to why. He told me that he went into his business communications class and the first thing the teacher did was make them put the desks into a big circle so that everyone could see everyone else. They then went around the room and introduced themselves. At this point I am still not seeing the problem, so I wait for him to continue, but nope, that was it. He just felt that it was awkward, haha! It is funny to think how truly different our school experiences were/are!

Anyway, just a quick update!

Sheree Bingham


Wednesday, January 2

Christmas and New Years!

Yikes! I am little behind on my blog.

Lets talk Christmas! This year Christmas was spent with Brett's family in Honeyville. We went down a couple days before and got to spend time with the ENTIRE Bingham family. That's right all 24 of us under the same roof- does not get to happen very often. I was a little worried about being away from home while being so pregnant-especially when we heard that some of our nieces and nephews had been sick, but everything went really well!

On one of the nights we were there we got to take a train to Salt  Lake to see all the christmas lights at Temple square. Christmas eve we went bowling with everyone; Brett got 3rd place overall.

Christmas Morning was wonderful. Brett and I  just stayed in our room and opened the presents that we got for each other. I couldn't believe it when I opened my Bosch- but then the even bigger surprise was still waiting for me downstairs... After all the families had come over and exchanged presents there was still a really big box sitting off to the side of the living room with a table cloth over it. Brett said- lets go see who that is for. We looked and there was a note on it that said to Sheree from Santa. Santa brought me a rocking chair for the baby's room! It is in there right now and I absolutely love it!

We were planning on leaving the day after christmas but it snowed and snowed and snowed the next day and we did not feel comfortable making the drive back so we stuck around and headed back the next day. I am gad we did because we heard stories of people in the ward driving back that day in the snow and it taking twice the time to get back to Rexburg because the roads were so bad.

When we got back we moved into our new apartment. We were so glad for the help with moving and cleaning! We have some great friends! I can not believe how much more room is in this 2 bedroom apartment. It is so nice, and I am so glad that we have a baby room now!

New Years involved treats, movies, and staying up till midnight. All fun, but I am not a stay up till midnight kinda person- I get really tired, but it was worth it for the New Years kiss :)

Brett is now back at Broulims. He walked in to talk to his old manager and his manager said, "how many hours do you want? Can you start tomorrow?" I think that they really liked him there- he is such a good worker!

Brett heads back to class on Monday. He is taking a conflict management class this semester that I took when I was a student and then was a TA for. I know the teacher really well so I think I am going to sneak in to a few classes with Brett- Its' really a great class! :)

The baby is doing great, he is very active and healthy! I went to the doctors on monday and turns out I gained 8 pounds over the holidays! My goodness! (That should make everyone else feel good!)

I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas and has a happy New Year!

Sheree Bingham