Sunday, July 31

Morning Hike, Mesa Falls, and Binghams!

Hello Friends and Family,

This week was a lot of fun!

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when My husband woke me up at 4:30 to take me hiking up "R" mountain to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning, we then went home and both fell sound asleep while watching Tangled!

On Wednesday Brett's parents, Boyd and Mary, came into town! It was there 33rd Anniversary and so they came to Rexburg! We went to the temple and when Brett got off work had cake at our apartment Wednesday night.  Thursday both me and Brett took off work so we could enjoy a day with them. We took them on a tour around campus. They got to see the new BYUI Center and the other buildings me and Brett have class in. We then drove out to Mesa Falls which is in the Teton National Forest. (pictures below) We tried to go see Big Springs, but missed it by a couple miles, so headed home. Boyd and Mary got to experience Craigo's for the first time- very popular all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad. That night we saw a Jessie Funk, Daniel Beck, Cherie Call, and two others Concert on campus. They did a really good job. The Binghams took off Friday Morning.

Me and Brett helped set up a reception Saturday Morning for Erin Rial, a wonderful girl I visit teach, who was married in the Rexburg Temple Yesterday. I was a little scared when he started climbing on ladders, but he didn't fall, so we're good.

Hope everyone had a great week!
Sheree Bingham

Brett wrote on the "Anniversary Cake"

Walking around the construction on BYUI Campus

Mesa Falls

"R" Mountain

The Sunrise!

Sunday, July 24

Summer, HP, and Family!


What a busy week, Finals are over and summer vacation has begun!

It was a successful semester, I learned a lot. I had two competitions that went on throughout the semester in two different classes. One was an Advertising campaign for a really neat hotel down in Idaho Falls, another was a case study for my organizational communications class. My groups won both! Earned some extra credit points for both classes as well as 100 dollars off at the Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls!

We celebrated the last day of my semester by going to see the last Harry Potter Movie! We both enjoyed it, it is strange to think that new Harry Potter Books and Movies have been a part of our lives since I was in 3rd grade and Brett was in 6th grade, now what?! just kidding, our summer has some fun things coming up!

On Friday My cousin Heather came and we got to spend a couple of hours together while her husband was at a party for a friend that got married yesterday. We had a great time- my husband things we are silly, but that's usually the reaction me and Heather get from people when we hang out!

The other day Brett killed the biggest spider I have ever seen! It ran in through the door when he was opening it to leave for work. I panicked and he casually stepped on it. I'm glad he is here to protect me!

This Sunday is the first day of my new calling as RS VT coordinator. Brett should be getting a new calling soon too. We really enjoyed being Ward librarians, but I guess they need us somewhere else now!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!
-Sheree Bingham
Handsome husband!

Me and Heather on her wedding day!

Me and Heather on my wedding day!

Sunday, July 17

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Hey Friends!

This week was all work no play! Brett worked about 46 hours, which is absolutely fantastic, and I was glued to my school work, not so fantastic :)

We did make the time to go to the temple on Saturday and Friday night I took a break  between projects to watch a redboxed movie, Red Riding Hood with Brett. It was very good!

Brett also got a much needed haircut this week from his still-learning-to-use-the-clippers hair cutting wife. It took a lot less time than it did last time and looks fabulous, if I do say so myself :)

Today is the third Sunday of the month which means we serve in the Library! We really have enjoyed this calling!

Sorry not much else to report! Gotta love finals week! (right?)

Hang in there!
Sheree Bingham

An Engagement Picture

ABQ Aquarium (honeymoon)

My wonderful artwork! (sad when you have to label the picture!)

Sunday, July 10

4th of July!

Hey Everyone!

Brett and I had a really fun fourth of July! In the morning we went and played catch at the stake center behind our apartment then after Brett worked most of the day (time and a half :) we went to beaver park for a picnic! The weather was perfect. The bugs were not. After eating we played some Frisbee and walked along the river.

Friday was Brett's day off and therefore date night-- we went to the temple and then went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It was a good action movie, not one to buy in my opinion, not too crazy about it. Jack Sparrow is  hilarious!

As of yesterday me and Brett have been married for 3 months! I used to think that was a really long time, but it went fast!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester, I'll be done with all tests, projects, papers, and presentations on the 20th, hopefully :) Then it's straight into summer school for me, just one Old Testament class.

Hope Everyone had a great week!
Sheree Bingham
Softball at the Stake Center


Walking along the Snake River

Sunday, July 3

Mold, Winco, and Sorry! (Brett's work Uniform Pic)

Hey Friends,

This week has been a pretty high pressure week. It seems that professors are now realizing that there are only three weeks of classes left and need to pile on all the work they meant for us to do during the semester. As well as me and Brett both getting more hours at work-- which is a bitter sweet thing :) Less time together, bigger pay checks.

On Friday I faced two of my fears: Mold and Cooking Hamburgers.
Mold- leaving leftovers in the refrigerator for two weeks isn't good, how about two months! i was going to wait and have Brett deal with it, but we ran out of Tupperware containers... No worries, learned my lesson there! I wish I had a picture, it was pretty bad!
Hamburgers- Brett has always been the hamburger/steak cooker, but we decided we wanted some on Friday and so on his break he talked me through it, it's not as complicated as I thought it would be :)

Almost every night this week we have ended our day playing a game of Sorry (you know, the board game). the win ratio is about 25:1, Brett wins every time! :\

Saturday morning we went and did our month grocery shopping at Winco, in Idaho Falls, which is actually enjoyable! I'm glad Brett was with me to help carry all those groceries up three flights of stairs!

We are looking forward to Independence day, Brett works a 6 hour shift, but we will still manage to find some fun things to do, promise!

Have a great week!
Sheree Bingham
Brett's Bakery Uniform