Monday, August 29

Trip to the Farm!

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance for the length of this blog, lots happened this week!

Classes and Work and Preparing for our vacation!

On Thursday morning we woke up early to make the trip to Honeyville, Utah- only about 2 1/2 hours from Rexburg. We dropped off our bags, changed clothes, said a quick hello and then headed to Salt Lake City, about another hour of driving. We did the 12 o'clock session and loved the whole experience! (We even ate in the cafeteria before we left :) We then drove back to Honeyville and visited with family until it was time to go to the Rodeo! This was my first rodeo since I was really really little. It was so much fun! I did get nervous for the guys on the bucking horses and bulls.  My favorite was the cattle roping (I think that's what it's called). The last part of the show was some extreme motorcyclist doing jumps and flips.

Canning Day! I have never had the experience of canning, even though I've heard about it my whole life. This was a long day of work, but was very rewarding! The day started at 6:30 with an early morning run around the fields with my sister-in-law Heather. Me an Brett then went to the garden in the back yard to pick lots and lots of corn. once all the corn was picked we shucked and cut it, put it in bottles and then in a pressure cooker to seal the bottles. (this all took about until 11 or 12) then we started work on the freezer corn, which is boiled slightly then put in cold water then cut and put in freezer bags. It was well into the afternoon at this point and Brett went into town with his Dad while I went and picked raspberries to make jam. (raspberry picking is were I acquired my lovely beet red sunburn) When he got back we both fell asleep on the couch for an hour or so until it was time to go walk around the county fair with Brett's sister Heather. We looked at a lot of really cute purses! ( I enjoyed that more than Brett, but he was outnumbered by the girls!)

Saturday morning we saddled up two of the horses (Sammy & Ray) and went for a ride around the farm. I loved ridding the horses! It's been way too long! We made the Raspberry Jam. We then helped watch the nieces and nephews while their parents worked at the Fair. We took the four-wheelers out to change the water on the farm, which was super fun! (the four wheelers anyway, I just watched Brett change the water) I also got to see the underside of a car for the first time when we changed the oil in Brett's car. In the afternoon  Laura, Steve, and Jack came and we all went to the fair together. Me and Brett got to ride the Farris wheel and watched the little ones do the kid rides! We enjoyed walking around looking at the exhibits with our cotton candy. Brett let a sheep nibble on his fingers. I got to touch a pig and some goats! Brett says that makes me more country, but I'm not so sure... Our sister-in-law Timari put in some of her photography pieces and got some ribbons! On our way back to the farm we stopped to look at the new semi truck that Boyd bought for the farm. We then went to the house and played with the kids and visited before a while. (There may or may not have been a fake snake incident)

Sunday we went to church in Honeyville, played games with the family, loaded up the car and headed home!

We had so much fun! Now things seem really quiet. I've just been working on my Old testament Final and Brett is unpacking! My parents and two of my brothers are going to be here in 9 days! We are very excited to have them stay with us!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Sheree Bingham
At the Rodeo

Driving to the Fair- that's our nephew Jack.

Brett and a sheep

Petting a Pig!

Nephews Brody and Jack on the rides at the fair!

Farris Wheel

New Semi Truck for the Farm

Having fun!

Brance and Morgan!

Our canned food!

Sunday, August 14

Destinations Inn, Rasberries, and a Desk!

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a lot of work and a lot of fun! If you recall me mentioning earlier, I was in a winning advertising campaign group this last semester and so I won an A in the class and a free nights stay at Destinations Inn, which is a really nice themed room hotel down in Idaho Falls. We used our gift certificate on Monday! We stayed in This Room:


Brett ran into a friend this week. He had come about 3/4 of the way home from work when realizing he had forgotten to do something in the bakery that would have been a lot of trouble for those coming in the next morning. So, he picked me up and we went back to Broulims. On the way back in we ran into Elder Sailor from Brett's mission! He was a good friend of his in the MTC and was never his companion in Germany, but was always around! Elder Sailor (I do not believe first names were mentioned) was in town for his little brothers farewell. We were lucky to run into him!

On Friday we went and picked Raspberries! A lady that I work for said she had them coming out of her ears and asked if we would come pick some. After picking for about an hour and a half she asked us if we wanted a desk and that they had one they were otherwise going to take to the DI. Brett went and looked at it, liked it, helped load it into their truck, and they brought it to our apartment. She also gave us some peas and spinach from her garden!

The desk fits really nicely in our bedroom! It will be perfect for all the studying that will be happening while we are both in school.

Once home From picking raspberries Brett went to work and I went to work cleaning and freezing raspberries. i was told that the best way to do that is to set the berries individually on a cookie sheet and then freeze them for two hours and then put them in Ziploc bags, so that they do not all stick together in the bag. It took a very long time, but now we have berries to last through the winter!

Saturday when Brett got off work we went and saw Green Lantern. It's always nice hit the movies!

Have a great week!
Sheree Bingham

Our New Desk

Sunday, August 7

Idaho Falls and 17 Miracles!

Hey Friends and Family,

This week and next the Rexburg Temple is closed for cleaning, so me and Brett had the opportunity to go to the Idaho Falls Temple. Very beautiful, it is a lot older than our temple here. I also recognized some of the temple workers as teachers at BYUI.

On Brett's day off of work this week I was running from RS meeting to work meeting and back again, but we did get the chance to go see 17 Miracles. (about pioneer miracles in the Martin and Willie handcart companies.) It was a really great movie; we really enjoyed it and it gave us a lot to be grateful for. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to see it here in our little Mormon bubble.

When Brett was working his double shift on Saturday me and a friend went out to Monkey Rock and when I was taking a picture I accidentally dropped the camera case into the water- we were on top of the water fall at the time and I go to watch devastated as the case went over the falls never to be seen again. :(

Looks like we are going to have several visitors within the next month or so and we are really looking forward to seeing family and friends!

Sheree Bingham
Idaho Falls Temple

Monkey Rock

At this point I had the camera, but not the case.