Sunday, February 19

Valentine's Week!


Brett and I had some fun this week! As most of you know, it was Valentine's Day!

Brett got me a big cupcake from Broulims, flowers, and some chocolate covered strawberries. We had a romantic meal at 5 guys (yes, the burger place). I surprised Brett by taking him to a Bar J Wranglers concert that night! Brett loved it! I have not seen him laugh that hard in a while!
Bar J Wranglers
On Saturday we went to the cheap theater and saw Sherlock Holmes again, we really like it! And today we had a game night with Brent, Brandi, and Rachelle. We played Disney Scene It -  a lot of fun!

It's presidents day tomorrow so we won't have classes, but our time will surely be filled with lots of homework and catching up on chores!

Enjoy your week!

Sheree Bingham

Sometimes I like to remind Brett that he is special to me!

Sunday, February 12

Bread, Bored blocks, and Ward Party!

Hello Family and Friends!

What do you do when you are trying to avoid homework but don't want to be lazy?!? Bake bread! And that is just what I did on Saturday morning. I have never successfully made bread before. Ok - I've made banana and chocolate bread before, but never bread like you could buy at the store and make sandwiches with. It turned out very good! I used a recipe that I got from one of the professors I work for on campus. She makes it every semester for her students and they love it!
 I also had the assignment in my Infants and Toddlers class to make a homemade toy and so I made "Bored Blocks" It was a lot of fun! I have never considered myself a crafty person, but after a walk through Porter's I think I may become one! So much fun in one store!
Bored Blocks
Brett has taken a lot of tests lately! He is testing out of some German credits. He said the first test was SO easy! He is averaging about two tests a week and in accounting there is no such thing as a small test.

On Saturday night we went to our ward Valentines Day party. There was a cake decorating contest that we sadly did not participate in because of lack of free time during the week. It would have been fun to see Brett's new bakery skills in action! They also played the newly wed game with some of the couples and it was really funny to watch!

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, February 5

10 things I've learned from being married to Brett...

Hey All!

This week me and Brett will have been married for 10 months. (Almost a year!!!) So I decided to make a list...

10 Things I have Learned From Being Married to Brett:

1. You CAN sleep through someone snoring 5 inches away from you. (yes, this is #1- sleep is a big deal!)
2. Brett is a VERY good worker, no matter what it is- chores, work, school, church callings- once he starts it will get done and it will be done to the best of his ability.
3. We don't share drinks.
4. Brett could live off of popcorn, orange julius, and pizza. (No joke!)
5. Having a priesthood holder in the home is invaluable!
6. I do not speak German.
7. Getting accidentally bumped, knocked, kicked, tripped, etc, is just the price of being married to Brett! (He never claimed to be smooth)
8. Brett loves to help.
9. Accounting Homework is the enemy.
10. Brett loves me and I am SO LUCKY!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Sheree Bingham

Found this engagement picture- like it!

This is the man I love and admire!