Tuesday, May 27

Starting off summer right...

Our family has had a lot of fun these last few days!

Friday- Bear World! We are lucky to  live about 30 minutes from bear world! Brett and I went about 2 years ago, but it was a lot more fun with John! John has always loved animals. He sat in my lap as we drove around looking at all the animals! He growled at all the bears and moo'd at the buffalos :) At the end of the bear "tour" (you drive around yourselves) they have a petting zoo with the friendliest animals I have ever met! There were deer, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, and peacocks. John got a lot of attention from a deer that came right up and licked him all over! He laughed and laughed, he didn't even mind when it started nibbling on his clothes! He also walked right up to a goat and started poking it, don't worry he was closely supervised, and the goat just looked at him and then ignored him. We will definitely be going there again! And to think I have still not taken him to the zoo…

That evening we were invited to dinner by one of Brett's friends from high school, now we are all friends. And her husbands name is doug-- the only doug I have met other than my little brother (just a random fact-mostly throwing that in for my mom). They introduced us to malaleuca. We are trying to a lot of their products and so far have liked them!

Saturday I ran my first 5k! And it will certainly not be my last! I really enjoy it. It was one of those races where they throw color on you as you run-- don't think I will do that kind again, but it was nice for the experience, especially since I used to work for a company that organized those kinds of 5ks. Brett and John came to cheer me on- I love those two!

On sunday we were Reunited with our sunbeam class- it was stake conference last week. We also got to experience 3 hours of church with a walking baby for the first time- what a game changer!

We celebrated memorial day with my little brother that attends BYUI. He came down for hamburgers and a great game of monopoly. Which I would just like to say I won. My winning ratio in monopoly is about 12 loses to every win- no joke. Not because I am bad with money- just because I go to jail a lot, and always land on the really expensive properties, and get bad chance cards.

Thursday, May 15

Recent good times...

One of Johns favorite things to do is take all the dish towels and throw them in the trash can. It is too irresistible and he can do it in like 5 seconds! He loves getting into drawers, this last week his new favorite is taking the pans out from the drawer under the oven, throwing them on the ground, and laughing hysterically at the horrible loud crashing noise they make. 

I said, "Smile at the camera!" John got it- Brett did not. He is still handsome! John is starting to say a lot more words and is getting good at copying what we say. His favorite word (other than banana) is "Hi". He says it to EVERYONE: Grocery store people, other little kids, bankers, homeless guys… doesn't matter to him :) His other new words are keys, cheese, milk, and shoes. He also makes puppy, dinosaur, cow, and monkey noises.

This year my birthday aligned with my sister in laws graduation! So we celebrated in Honeyville. Brett took me to a nice restaurant then we went did go karts, mini golf, and bating cages! It was a lot of fun!

John loves animals! So visits to the farm are extra exciting for him. The other day we went into a home and they had a deer head mounted on the wall. John pointed and laughed. Brett took him over close to it and he hesitantly stuck his hand out to pet it! The poor kid thought it was a live animal… I'm not telling him!

Have you ever played Aggravation? Brett's a pro! But in the end we lost to the competitors on our left. We may have to invest in this game- it was a lot of fun!

And I just really liked this picture. John makes this face anytime he wants to sit in my lap and I take too long picking him up! 

I took John with me to a party last night and I was surprised when he stood up and walked half way across the room all by himself. Before that he has only ever walked between people! As the night went on and he became more tired we had to take off because he started hitting, and throwing a tennis ball at (NOT to) a little boy on the floor. (Can't believe I let him do it twice! Bad mom moment…) It was fun socializing regardless!

Sheree Bingham