Thursday, June 30

News Video

Hello Everyone!

Well, After hours of editing and spending time with my little brothers on the phone I finished my 1 1/2 minute news clip for my Comm 240 class.

It was a very windy day, which is pretty typical for Rexburg, so the audio is not the best. I was also sick this weekend, I had to edit out my sneezing in the background of some of the shots :) But, here it is!

Feel free to laugh, if anything, this assignment taught me that I do not want to ever go into broadcasting! (and that I am terrible at editing-- thank you Craig and Doug for the help!)

Brett and I enjoyed Sunday night at a BBQ and playing Settlers of Catan with some of Brett's former roommates and their wives. I don't know why some people say you have no social life when you get married. That is most definitely not the case for us!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, June 26

News and Wedding Pictures

Hey Everyone!

It's been a good week! Lots of school, homework, and work!

Brett did have Friday off and we had the opportunity to go to attend ward temple night. which was nice, we are slowly getting to know the people in our ward.

For my Comm 230 news gathering class I had to make a minute and a half news video covering a campus event. So bright and early Saturday morning we went over to the edge of Rexburg and covered a 50 mile bike race for students and teachers. It was super windy and cold,  but we got some good interviews. Brett was kind enough to hold the camera for me, but I think he was mostly just worried that I would drop it :) I'll post the video clip when i have it edited!

We also got our Wedding Day Pictures! We love them, the editing was great! They are in the post below and also on Facebook!

Take Care!
Sheree Bingham
This is probably my favorite wedding picture
Ready to got to the temple!

This is the cute case our wedding picture disk came in!

Wednesday, June 22

Apartment Pics and Breadsticks!

I have had some family members request pictures of our apartment, so I posted them below!

We had some adventures with Brett cooking the other day, kinda a fun story. We were having some friends over for dinner and I was making sour cream enchiladas and broccoli and we wanted to have one more side but were short on cooking supplies.

So, we are desperately searching through cookbooks for ideas and Brett decides that he is going to make breadsticks. Yum! He is making the dough and it is extremely sticky, more than extremely. But he followed the recipe, so it must be right!

Well, to shorten the story they did not end up looking much like breadsticks and there was dough everywhere! it even managed to get inside our cheese grater. (don't ask me how!)

It turned out being a great dinner anyway :)

Well, I've got some meatloaf in the oven, so I'd better run!

Have a great week!
Our Living Room

The Kitchen

Dining Area

"breadsticks" on the left

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day!

Just a quick post on this beautiful Sunday to Say Happy (future) Father's Day to my wonderful husband. And Happy Father's Day to my dad and father-in-law!

Me and hubby hiking to the delicate arch

Me and My Dad!

Brett with his Dad!

Saturday, June 18

School. Work. Sleep. Repeat!

Hello Friends and Family!

This Blog is for those interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest news from Brett and Sheree Bingham; and for me, its kinda fun!

Brett and I are living the newly wed life up here at BYUI, in the lovely Rexburg. (We are in one of the two lovely months here.) We are loving having our own apartment. It's small, but its perfect for what we need and we get to call it ours!

I am in school right now working hard towards my communications degree and doing part time work as a Teachers Assistant. Brett is working full time at Broulims- the local grocery store- while he's off for the summer.

Our days are pretty basic, and kinda opposite. I go to school all morning and then Brett goes to work all afternoon/night. Some days we are lucky and get to wave to each other as he is leaving the parking lot and I'm driving in.

On Brett's days off we are trying to enjoy the nice weather. We like going over to the fields behind our apartment complex  to play Frisbee or catch. Their are also a lot of hikes around in this area that we would like to attempt.

Not too much to report on at the moment, but I am going to try and be consistent with updates!

We look forward to tomorrow, as its the third Sunday of the month, and we get to fill our calling as Third Sunday Ward Librarians. :)

Take Care!
Sheree Bingham

Our Apartment! (Before furniture and the intense unpacking process)

This picture was taken in SLC, where we stopped on our way to ABQ