Friday, September 30

Funny Wildlife Story!

Hey all!

Just thought I'd write a quick blog before running off to work!

Two nights ago I was busily finishing up homework so I would have time to make some dinner for Brett and I heard some kind of shuffling outside our door. I just figured it was our neighbors, but then there was  a knock on the door. I looked through the little eye hole in the door and saw a guy I didn't recognize holding a broom above his head with a serious look on his face. I probably should have pretended not to be home out of fear of being smacked with a broom, but curiosity got the best of me :)

I opened the door a little and he said, 'Do not open your door again, I'm going to try and get the BAT out of here!' Sure enough, I bat decided that the top corner of our porch, right above the door, would be a good place to perch for the night. I closed the door quickly and heard three loud smacks, then another knock to let me know that it was gone.

Not an everyday occurrence that added a little bit of excitement to the day-- I'm really glad he wasn't aiming the broom at me :)

Brett went to 'Meet the Firms' the other night and got to talk to some accounting professionals. It sounds like he had a good time and had the opportunity to have a lot of his questions answered. He is very proud of his new updated resume- and he should be it looks great!

Well, its about time to leave for work! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy General Conference!

Sheree Bingham

When Heather came we stopped to get a picture w/ the Sugar City Sign!

Saturday, September 24

Our Visitors!


Just a quick post, life is super busy today!

This week has been a lot of school and work, but we had the pleasure of having Brett's sister Heather come visit us along with our nephew Brody! We had a lot of fun! We showed her the BYUI center (the pride and joy of Rexburg), play at the park, play "pounce" one of the best rook games ever invented, and other fun stuff!

It didn't take us long to realize that our apartment is by no means baby proof! No toys? No problem!
Caught Red Handed!

Who put this guy in the drivers seat?!
 Have a good weekend!

Sheree Bingham

Monday, September 19

First Week of School, Honeyville, and Nissan!


What a week last week! School and work are going to keep us SO busy. All went well. I do not like the days were we leave at 7 in the morning and then I don't see Brett again until he gets off work around 9:30 at night. However, we are grateful to attend a great school, have great teachers, and are learning tons :)

As most of you know, last semester I worked on an advertising campaign for a hotel in Idaho Falls called Destinations Inn. Well, this year We've kicked it up a notch and are doing a 100 million dollar ad campaign for Nissan. Yes, the car place. That one. Super excited! I'm hoping they throw in a couple free cars at the end of the semester. (I can dream right?!)

Last Sunday Brett got called to be the Assistant Executive Secretary in our ward. I hope this means we will get to know more people! Brett will do super in that calling!

On Sunday Brett and I made a last minute trip to Honeyville because his brother Ryan was there for the day and we needed to switch out cars so that ours could be registered. We realized a couple days into the semester that there would be no way we could make a trip down during the week! It was great seeing most of the family. We got to play games and see our nieces and nephews. We also got to see the new baby horse they have. Its a beautiful light brown with a mark on its forehead. Brett was sad he didn't get to drive the new semi truck, maybe next time!

Picture: Mary (Brett's Mom) was letting the nieces and Nephews jump over her, and Dallas who absolutely loves grandma, just had to do the same thing she was doing, and little Jayce has to be in the middle of everything so he jumped in there too :) Had to take a picture, so cute!

Enjoy your week~
Sheree Bingham

Sunday, September 11

Griffiths, Window Washers, and Schools Coming!

Hello Everyone!

It has finally happened. Our summer vacation is ending. We are both getting nervous for the start of the school year, but also are excited. Our Classes are:

-Survey of Accounting
-Organizational Effectiveness
-PR Writing and Production
-American Advertising
-Communication Career Workshop
-Conflict Managment and Negotiation
-New Testament (Me and Brett worked it out so we could take this class together!)

-Intermediate Accounting
-Accounitng Tax
-Human Resource Management
-Web Developement
-New Testament

On Tuesday me and Brett went to the temple and the cutest thing happened! We came out of the temple and some young girls, (10 or 11) handed us a bag of brownies with a note attached saying "While you were serving the Lord we were serving you." Cute right?! then when we got to my car the windows had been washed and there was a note on it that said, "Because of your faithfulness in serving today at the temple you will see your way "home" more clearly. Thanks for serving so lovingly". It really just added to an already wonderful temple experience.

Wednesday my family came into town! They brought my little brother Craig who starts school here at BYUI tomorrow. He is very excited and I don't blame him, first time at college is a lot of fun, new experiences! They came Wednesday night and stayed through Saturday morning.

On Thursday me and Brett got our books, it was the most either of us had ever spent on books, not good! we went to the park with my family for lunch. Really enjoyed that, Brett left for work and the rest of us stayed and played Frisbee until it was time for Craig to go to an orientation and I went with my parents to their opening orientation. Lots of sad parents dropping off their children. This is my parents third time and they are pretty pro at it :) We ended the night with Craigos pizza and Dominoes!

Friday we went to West Yellowstone. (Not Brett- he was again working) We went to pick up my older brother Brent who was there with his fiance Brandi. we got to check out some really neat places for our family reunion in July. And it was a great time to be with my parents!

I hope that as Fall sets in everyone is enjoying life and having fun!
Sheree Bingham
Standing in front of Thor on campus!