Sunday, March 23

We'll try to be more reverent next week...

Today at church there was a family with three boys sitting behind us. The oldest teenager was sitting with his elbows on his knees, leaning forward, his eyes kinda glazed over. John must have thought he looked sad because he tried to stick his binky in the boys mouth. If he was sad- he wan't anymore! I think more than half the congregation turned to see why this family had burst out laughing! We'll try to be more reverent next week…

Brett had another basketball game on thursday, they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough players but they played anyway. Brett got fouled pretty bad and ended up on his back but with a really bad bruise on his knee… not sure how it all happened but it looked pretty painful! John also got hit by an unsuccessfully rebounded basketball. Right on his forehead. He didn't cry- I think he was in shock! There were two other close hits too- I think they might have been aiming for him.

Today in Sunbeams we had 3 girls and they kept saying the cutest things! "My favorite animals are sparkly animals" "Why does Noah have to have a boy AND a girl animal on the boat?" "Where is John and the baby?" (Sometimes they get confused and get John and Brett mixed up) "Sister Binglam, I like your eyeshadow!" "I have to brush my horses hair every night otherwise it gets tangled!" Me: "Who put the animals in the forest?" Little girl: "I DID!"

Tuesday, March 18

St Patricks Day Win!

We opened a new savings account at a new bank on Saturday and yesterday Brett got a call saying we won! It was the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow giveaway thing they were doing for Saint Patricks Day... What did we win?


We have nowhere to put it for now-- I'd love to see our apartment managers face if we started a fire on the patio! Brett looked strange carrying it up to our third floor apartment, but someday this will be fun to have in our backyard!

Sunday, March 16

The Climber!

John is not only pulling up on furniture he is now starting to climb onto it! He pushes his toy firetruck over to the couch climbs on it and then onto the couch. When he gets a little taller the fire truck will no longer be necessary. He also like to knock DVDs off the TV stand, pile them up, and stand on them. Why? So he can get his little handprints higher on the TV as far as I can tell!

(Brett said I should include this story) John is very quick to get around and loves going into any room that isn't the living room. We have been really good at closing doors but I slipped up and John went into his room while I was making dinner. When I realized he was missing I rushed into his room where he was completely covered in baby powder. When I tried to take it away from him he squeezed the bottle and got a mouthful of it! He gagged and spluttered, it was so funny. I wish I had taken a picture! Brett was worried about calling poison control or something but he was just fine! :)

This weekend our 8 year old neice Morgan had a dance competition here in town we went to cheer her on and she did amazing! Her routine incorporated an ariel flip! Amazing! I hear she won second place but I will need to give her a call and find out the details!

We had family pictures/ John one year pics yesterday. It was barely warm enough so we did them outside. John was drawing a small crowd at one point! It was funny and he loved the attention. I  can't wait to see how they turned out!

With a dinosaur a friend made for him!

Picture of a picture...

John and friend Melody rejecting their crowns

Tuesday, March 4

Curiosity killed the cat?

If curiosity killed the cat then I am very worried for my almost one year old! So many bumps and bruises in the name of exploration and he is not even walking yet!

John is doing a lot of cute things lately. My favorite is his "singing" and doing hand motions to "Do As I'm Doing" almost every time I put him in his carseat and start driving I hear "do do (babbling) doin" it is adorable! He is also starting to point at things too, a lot of mornings we will cuddle in the rocking chair and he will sit up straight and point to the Scentsy until I turn it on and then he giggles and goes back to cuddling!

Anytime Brett or I sit down to eat he will crawl as fast as he can to us and pull up on our chair and talk to us (sometimes quite loudly) until we put him in his high chair and give him some of what we are eating.

He is learning so many words! He surprises me sometimes. His newest words are "Ball", "all gone", and " nigh nigh".

Brett is doing well in his job and school and also has been enjoying basketball with the ward! John loves watching, trying to crawl onto the court, clapping, pretending to bounce the ball, and saying "Go Da!". They have yet to win a game but who cares! It is fun to watch and he enjoys playing!