Sunday, October 30

Carmel Apples & Pumpkin Casserole

Hey All!

It's Halloween time! Me and Brett decided to have some friends over tonight for dinner to celebrate, it was a lot of fun and I got to make a meal that has been a tradition in Brett's family for as long as he can remember. Casserole in a pumpkin! I had never even heard of something like this, but it was a lot of fun to make and super good, everyone seemed to like it.

We also got to make caramel apples this week! It is really easy when you buy the microwave caramel kit :)

We've both got an intense week of school coming up (tests and projects) so I'd better stop blogging!

Some fun Pictures below!

Have a great week!

Sheree Bingham

Caramel Apples!


Loving the time together!

My turn...

It gets tricky when the caramel starts to thicken again.

Cutting open the pumpkin for the casserole!

There it is! Ready to cook!

Sunday, October 16

Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Hey Family and Friends!

Just a quick update today.

Brett again helped me to  pass another accounting test this week. I did even better on this one that the first! It took many hours of frustration and patience and I am so grateful to him for not giving up on me :)

This weekend we actually got to go on a date! Gasp! It was so much fun, we went and ate at Wingers and then went and played some ski ball and air hockey. We got really good deals at both places because of our newly acquired 'Starving Student Card' (It's like an entertainment book, but on a card that is folded up like an accordion.)

In reference to my blog title. I decided that I wanted to make some cookies to take to my brothers who live on the other side of Rexburg- all of 5 minutes away- but I wanted them to be Halloween  cookies. So I found a cute recipe online that I liked. I rushed to get all the ingredients together and then put them in the oven. I realized quickly that they did not look like the ones in the picture online. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong so I looked over the ingredients again and realized that I had used baking soda instead on baking powder. The results- some very flat cookies! I think my brothers liked them anyway...

Hope everyone had a great week!

Sheree Bingham

Flat Cookies! (They still tasted ok!)

Sunday, October 9

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

Today is our 6 month anniversary! Can you believe it! Six months!

I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing man! The recipe to success?

1 cup consideration
2 cups praise
1 small pinch of in laws
1 teaspoon contentment
1 gallon of patience
2 tablespoons flattery
1 cup encouragement
a dash of faith and trust
Blend well, sweeten with generous portions of love.
Keep warm with a steady flame of passion.
Serves 2.

Six months down and an eternity to go. There is no one else I would rather have by my side! I hope that as the years continue on that I will continue become the best wife and friend for my eternal companion!

Sheree Bingham




Then more dating and living the married life!

Billmans and Roommate Reunion!


This week was really really busy with homework, work, classes, the usual.

We went down to Idaho Falls on Tuesday to get our month grocery shopping done and realized that we had been given the task of checking out Billmans (a BBQ joint) for my older brothers reception. So we had a last minute date night :) The food was really good and the conference room in the back looks nice.

On Thursday we worked really hard on homework so we could go to the cheap theater and see Captain America. It was really good!

On Saturday one of my old roommates, Amber Cook, came into town! So 5 of the six roommates from Kensington 306, Fall 2010 got together at our apartment, Brett was conveniently working that afternoon/night :) It was so much fun catching up with everyone! (p.s. Amber is the reason I met Brett!)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sheree Bingham

Sheree, Cindy, Chelsea, Jessica, Amber!

Sunday, October 2

General Conference Weekend

Hey y'all

We are loving general conference weekend over here!

It is so fun to merge traditions as me and Brett hit more and more mile marks in our marriage. Whenever I think of conference I think of sitting on the couch and crocheting blankets with my mom while we all sit in the living room watching conference on the computer. Brett associates conference weekend with eating treats!

So as I work on my blanket Brett eats the rice crispy treats that we made this morning :)

So far I think that Sister Dalton's talk was my favorite, but there is still two hours to go...
Brett really liked Presidents Monson's story about the Frankfurt Germany Temple!

I forgot to report last time that me and Brett both took accounting tests this last week (his are considerably harder than mine) and we both did well. Its always nice when the hard work pays off! I think that taking this accounting class is helping me to sympathize with my husband better. Accounting homework is very very very time consuming!

Hope everyone enjoys the last session of conference!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. Because i feel that a blog is incomplete without pictures... here are some pictures from the Legacy Flight Museum here in Rexburg from when me and Brett where engaged.

Mormon Mustang

"Ole Yeller"