Tuesday, December 23

Basketball! Lots of stories...

I feel that I should preface these stories with: John is 20 months old

If you know my son- you know that he REALLY likes basketball! He has since he was 8 months old and we would go cheer on Brett as he played with some friends once a week. Well, I received a box of hand-me-down clothes to go through and there was a shirt that said Mr. Big Shot and has a big picture of a basketball going through a hoop on the front. John just about lost it when I went to put it in the "too small" pile. He insisted on holding it and carrying it around- all day. When Brett got home from work he put it on John- it was ridiculously small on him but neither of us had the heart to take it off him, he was spinning and jumping around the room saying "basketball shirt" "Basketball!"

He pulled it out of his laundry basket this morning and managed to get it over his head and one arm through all by himself, so he is wearing the too small basketball shirt again today. Over the shirt I already put on him this morning. I know that at some point it is going to need to "disappear," but he just feels like a million bucks in his basketball shirt!"

John is developing a sense of humor similar to his Dads. What do you expect from a boy born on april fools day?!? I was sitting across from John at dinner a few nights ago, he ran out of milk and very politely asked for more, so I reached across the table to get his cup from him, but my pregnant belly got in the way. So I stood up and reached for it and John (with a giant smirk on his face) deliberately held it just out of my reach and kept moving it further away as I got closer so it was always just beyond my reach. I gave up and sat down, John and Brett had a really good laugh at that!

John is starting to realize that a baby is coming! He understands the difference between his room and "the baby's room". I ask him, "where is your baby brother?" and he puts his hands on my stomach or points.

The other day John put both hands on my stomach, look me in the eye, and said "basketball, mommy". Oh boy… (10 more weeks…)

Bretts car is out of service, possibly forever, and is in our garage right now with the hood up so Brett can get it put back together and take it to a shop or somewhere… that's a whole different issue, but every time John sees it he says "I broke it!" Haha- not sure where he picked that up!

One more story-- In November I took John to the voting booths with me. I had him in his stroller, for obvious reasons, and when I was half way through filling out my ballot he turned around in his stroller and yelled "Mommy, I'm stuck!" I said, "I know, thats why I put you in the stroller!" and the old man in the voting booth next to laughed really really hard. Sorry to disrupt the peaceful voting atmosphere! He was sure a hit with all the volunteers.

And some pictures…

Santa is coming!

I have too many stories to share so I will separate the regular stories from the christmas ones…

Today John picked up an old cell phone, he usually pretends he is talking to Brett but today:

Me: Who are you talking to?
John: Santa!
Me: Oh yeah? (big smile!) What did he say?
John: Ho! Ho! Ho!

We took John to see santa at the museum of Idaho. They have lots of displays including nativities from around the world, antique santa clauses, and gingerbread houses. They also had a display of the Grinch going down a chimney and John pointed excitedly at him and said "Froggy!" (He also called me a Froggy on sunday because I was wearing a green shirt)

When it came time for John to sit on Santa's lap he was ok sitting there, but he would not look at Santa, no matter what he tried! Poor guy, but he did give him knuckles before taking a candy cane, so thats something.