Monday, June 24

He laughed, I laughed, Brett laughed

As the title suggests, John is now laughing! He has the cutest giggle, it is very contagious. He is a happy healthy little guy and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

Not sure how he got that toy stuck on his arm!

Brett is studying like crazy keeping up with classes as well as studying for the first part of the CPA which he takes next month.

We have a very crazy month coming up in July so I will hopefully have more to blog about!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Sheree Bingham

Saturday, June 1

2 Months Old!

John is now 2 months old! I don’t have his statistics yet- dr apt on Monday. 2 month shots here we come! :/

We celebrated his two months by taking him to a park for the first time. There is a really big park next to the ISU campus. Brett and I enjoyed a picnic and walk along the stream!  It was a beautiful day!

John was pretty tired and so not very happy for the pictures…

Until… we got back into the car to go home, then he was all smiles! 

Idaho Falls- The new adventure begins!

So last month when I blogged about Brett getting into the master of accounting program at Idaho State University I mentioned that his classes would start in July. We were very much mistaken. He went to meet with a teacher to ask some questions and the teacher said something along the lines of “So We’ll see you May 20th!” What!?. Turns out we had our dates confused. We jumped into our plans a lot faster than we planned to but it all has worked out well!

We have a nice 2-bedroom apartment in Idaho Falls that is about the same price as our Rexburg apartment but more space (especially in the living room) and we have a balcony with a beautiful mountain view! We love it!

Brett’s parents brought a horse trailer up from the farm to help us move and it was so nice- if anyone is planning on moving in the near future I would definitely recommend a horse trailer. J

We had lots of friends come to help us move! It made things so much easier (we are on a third floor apartment) I told a joke saying that there were only like 2 steps up to the apartment and all the guys believed me- including my father-in-law. They were not too impressed by the four flights of narrow stairs. Oops- in my defense all the girls knew I was joking!

We are happy to be here and I am glad to report that Brett is very much enjoying the masters program thus far!

John and Sophia (daughter of friends that helped us move) They are 2 weeks apart!

John and Eli ( son of friends that visited us for memorial day!)

For Memorial day our friends Alex and Chelsea came to hang out and see our new place. Their 1 year old son Eli really liked John- he was a sympathetic cryer, grew concerned when anyone took John out of the room, and tried several times to share his snacks with him! What a great kid!

Bye Bye Broulims

Brett has officially quit Broulims again… but this time it is permanent! Now that we are in Idaho Falls (see next post) he will be finding something closer to home.

When Brett quit Broulims the first time he kept his uniform because he knew that he may be returning after he completed his internship.  He went back to Broulims at the beginning of his last semester and his black pants were really worn out, but we couldn’t justify buying new ones (on our tight bdget) since we knew he was only going to be there for about 3 months.

As time went on he ripped holes in both knees (but its only for 2 more months…) and then they became so dirty that even after they were washed they still smelled horrible (but its only 1 month more…) then he tore a hole in an awkward place- so we patched that (only a few more weeks…) and in the final week he was walking around with his back to the wall because of the horrible hole (just a few more days…)!

I mostly wanted to blog about this so that I can remember. It was an ongoing dilemma for a few months. We would laugh about it a lot! How much can one pair of pants take!