Sunday, July 29

Sunday Nap?

Hey All,

I didn't think it was possible, but Rexburg has proved me wrong-- it is HOT! We are trying to save on the electric bill so we try not to run the air conditioner during the day- just for a little bit before we go to bed. I learned very soon after we were married that Brett does not handle hot weather very well, and of coarse we all know how well Sheree handles the cold...

Anyway, I thought I would share a picture of how Brett decided to combat the heat today.


Nap Time!

Friday, July 27

Griffith Family Reunion July 2012

Family Reunion! It was so much fun getting together with my family. We went and enjoyed a couple days up at a cabin in Island Park, ID and had a lot of adventures!

We went rafting, boating, jetskiing, and tubing. We had smores around a campfire- enjoyed some wildlife (mostly bugs, some bald eagles, and a bunny). We played games and laughed at each other a lot. Such fun.

Two stories I wanted to share-- one of which almost exiled my husband from all other family reunions.

1. While rafting the guide was explaining how to help someone back in the boat if they fall out. it is no easy task. I joked and said, "Dad, no falling off the raft, we may not get you back in!" Should never have said that. He did fall off about 30 minutes into the rafting trip! He fell into the water and then the raft went directly over him and when he emerged he has one hand up in the air holding his glasses like a trophy and his other hand on his head protecting his hat. It was hilarious!

2. Oh boy. So my Dad needed to get back into the raft and to do that you have to pull them in by the top of their life jacket. My sweet husband was the first to volunteer, he is the strongest of the boys... hee hee. So as he goes to get my Dad, he swings his paddle out of his way really fast and hard and hits my mom right on the forehead! She didn't even see it coming! She was knocked backwards into the middle of the raft, right on top of my sister in law Brandi. She was ok- just a pretty good bump on her head and a headache for a while. I don't think Brett will ever live this one down... It doesn't help his case that he almost flipped the jet ski while giving her a ride...

I feel like the reunion was a great success. It was good to be all together before Craig leaves on his mission in October and Brent and Brandi move to Texas for the rest of forever.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. Saturday we had family pictures taken!

By the Temple

Oh My!

Tubing with Brandi

Jet Ski

By the Lake

Great PJ's Craig!

Look a bunny!

Dinner and show

The handsome skipper

Friday, July 20

You may not know...

I do/say embarrassing things. If you ask someone to tell you an embarrassing story about me, they probably won't be able to think of any, but they do happen. There is one event in particular that is reoccurring, every three months I lock myself out of my car! I am sitting at the office waiting for Brett to finish with things on campus so he can come save me. When I called him he laughed and said, "Every three months without fail!" The last time it happened I was at Broulims. The first time it happened (when Brett was my hero- my Dad has saved me on occasion as well) was a week and a half into being married, I locked myself out of my car on campus.

My parents are on their way to Rexburg right now for Brent and Brandi's graduation! Lots of fun events planned for while they are here!

I hope everyone is loving the hot weather! In the 90's and humid here!

Sheree Bingham

My Hero- assuming he decides to come save me, he may change his mind :)

Sunday, July 8

Welcome July!

Good Afternoon!

Blog writing has become a natural part of our Sunday routine here. We come home from church, eat dinner, and then Brett takes a nap while I do the blog! It's a good system- Brett's snoring really drowns out the sound of the typing...

There have been many 4th of July Posts recently and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun! That's so good! It was beautiful here in Rexburg. We had my little Brother Craig over and made hamburgers! The boys did bacon, cheddar, pickles, the works on their burgers! It's like an art form with them :) We then went and played mini golf.

On Thursday Craig got his mission call! We all gathered at our apartment and put my parents on speaker phone and skype- my mom and Doug were in New Mexico and my Dad was in Seatle- he was called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma Mission. We are so proud of him and so excited!

Mission Call!

 Friday was another golf day, Brett is getting better. I really enjoy walking around the course with him. Brett needs to go 4 more times before next Tuesday to get full credit for his class, so we will be going a lot this next week!

I've got to go make some muddy buddies for a game night with our neighbors tonight! Yum!

Have a good week and thanks for reading!

Sheree Bingham

Sunday, July 1

New Job, Brave, and the Mikado!


This week feels like it has just been all over the place!

Saturday was my last Day working at Broulims; it was a long short ride and I am glad to be moving on. I am the new Public Relations Manager at Color in Motion which arranges 5k races throughout the United States. I start on Monday. The races are a little like this...

My job will involve lots of PR, advertising, social media, organization of the interns and their work, and coming up with creative ideas for event promotion. I am very much looking forward to everything!

Brett surprised me with a date and took me to see the Disney movie Brave. It was cute with a lot of good messages in it! (beware the nudity...) I know you wouldn't think- Disney- right? He then took me to Costa Vida for dinner. We have found that if you catch them on the right days with the right deals you can get two meals including drinks for only 6 dollars!

We also went and saw the Mikado! Craig did an excellent job, it is always fun to see him on stage! They tried to make him look Japanese... how'd they do?

Enjoy the Fourth of July this week!

Sheree Bingham