Saturday, June 1

Bye Bye Broulims

Brett has officially quit Broulims again… but this time it is permanent! Now that we are in Idaho Falls (see next post) he will be finding something closer to home.

When Brett quit Broulims the first time he kept his uniform because he knew that he may be returning after he completed his internship.  He went back to Broulims at the beginning of his last semester and his black pants were really worn out, but we couldn’t justify buying new ones (on our tight bdget) since we knew he was only going to be there for about 3 months.

As time went on he ripped holes in both knees (but its only for 2 more months…) and then they became so dirty that even after they were washed they still smelled horrible (but its only 1 month more…) then he tore a hole in an awkward place- so we patched that (only a few more weeks…) and in the final week he was walking around with his back to the wall because of the horrible hole (just a few more days…)!

I mostly wanted to blog about this so that I can remember. It was an ongoing dilemma for a few months. We would laugh about it a lot! How much can one pair of pants take!

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  1. Mental note....Tear mender for Brett!!! Way to be thrifty.


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