Sunday, July 7

Independence Day!

 Happy Independence Day! This year was Brett's first time in about 4 years that he hasn't worked on the fourth of July and he wanted me to experience a Honeyville 4th so that's what we did!

The day started out with the Honeyville Freedom 5k. (Side Note: I do have my husbands permission to tell this story) Brett ran in the 5k and John and I waited at the finish line for him. He did fantastic! So proud of him for running! As he crossed the finish line I had my camera set up perfectly to take his victory shot across the finish line and this is the picture I got...
He tripped over the mat they had covering some wires... It was pretty funny and I am glad he is able to laugh about it. He banged up his ribs pretty bad, got a nice scrape on his elbow, and I picked the grass off his face for him. It was (and still is) my favorite story to tell! 
When is daddy going to get here?

The next event was breakfast in the park and then the parade! We went early to get good seats in the shade. John was passed around among his cousins while we waited and he didn't mind at all! The parade lasted about 38 minutes. We then went to the park again for some burgers and to look at what they had set up for the kids.
The oldest and youngest grandchild!

That night was a BBQ at the Binghams. Lots of good food and friends! Then we headed to fireworks, I always get super anxious when getting John off his schedule but he did really good and really seemed to enjoy the fireworks! His eyes would get so big, it was very cute!
Ready for fireworks!

Happy 4th of July!
Sheree Bingham


  1. Awesome pictures! What a fun weekend!

  2. Brett is a good sport! He finished in style! So fun seeing you guys this weekend. John is just adorable and was amazingly calm at fireworks!

  3. I love those good ol'hometown fireworks! Lots of fun and you know most of the people there. I love this patriotic season!

  4. Oh man what a way to end a race! I am so NOT a runner...he still did way better than I ever could! Ha. Fireworks are so much fun. I'm glad they didn't scare John.


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