Sunday, October 27

Trip to New Mexico!

This last week John and I "vacationed" in New Mexico! I was there to hang out with my coolest youngest brother Doug while my mom accompanied my Dad  on a business trip to Saipan. It was a lot of fun spending time with Doug and watching him make John laugh- he was getting really good at it by the time we left! :)

I was able to visit old friends, go on long walks in the beautiful weather, and just relax! (Well, as much as you can relax while traveling with a 6 month old)

My Friend Miranda snapped some 6 month photos of John for us. They turned out super cute!

Brett and I are still enjoying Idaho Falls. We have a few more days of just cold weather and then it turns freezing. It is supposed to snow on Tuesday.

Brett is officially half way through his MAC program and is still studying like crazy for the CPA exams that are coming up. We love teaching Sunbeams (3-4 year old sunday school) on Sundays and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays!

I hope everyone is well!

Sheree Bingham

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