Sunday, August 7

Idaho Falls and 17 Miracles!

Hey Friends and Family,

This week and next the Rexburg Temple is closed for cleaning, so me and Brett had the opportunity to go to the Idaho Falls Temple. Very beautiful, it is a lot older than our temple here. I also recognized some of the temple workers as teachers at BYUI.

On Brett's day off of work this week I was running from RS meeting to work meeting and back again, but we did get the chance to go see 17 Miracles. (about pioneer miracles in the Martin and Willie handcart companies.) It was a really great movie; we really enjoyed it and it gave us a lot to be grateful for. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to see it here in our little Mormon bubble.

When Brett was working his double shift on Saturday me and a friend went out to Monkey Rock and when I was taking a picture I accidentally dropped the camera case into the water- we were on top of the water fall at the time and I go to watch devastated as the case went over the falls never to be seen again. :(

Looks like we are going to have several visitors within the next month or so and we are really looking forward to seeing family and friends!

Sheree Bingham
Idaho Falls Temple

Monkey Rock

At this point I had the camera, but not the case.


  1. Bummer on the camera case, Sheree. Monkey Rock is really beautiful, though! Great photos.

  2. Sehr Gut. Haha, you lost your camera case! I will soon be posting about the last two weeks. I have great stories!

  3. So glad it wasn't the camera... I'm one of those visitors!!!


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