Friday, September 30

Funny Wildlife Story!

Hey all!

Just thought I'd write a quick blog before running off to work!

Two nights ago I was busily finishing up homework so I would have time to make some dinner for Brett and I heard some kind of shuffling outside our door. I just figured it was our neighbors, but then there was  a knock on the door. I looked through the little eye hole in the door and saw a guy I didn't recognize holding a broom above his head with a serious look on his face. I probably should have pretended not to be home out of fear of being smacked with a broom, but curiosity got the best of me :)

I opened the door a little and he said, 'Do not open your door again, I'm going to try and get the BAT out of here!' Sure enough, I bat decided that the top corner of our porch, right above the door, would be a good place to perch for the night. I closed the door quickly and heard three loud smacks, then another knock to let me know that it was gone.

Not an everyday occurrence that added a little bit of excitement to the day-- I'm really glad he wasn't aiming the broom at me :)

Brett went to 'Meet the Firms' the other night and got to talk to some accounting professionals. It sounds like he had a good time and had the opportunity to have a lot of his questions answered. He is very proud of his new updated resume- and he should be it looks great!

Well, its about time to leave for work! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy General Conference!

Sheree Bingham

When Heather came we stopped to get a picture w/ the Sugar City Sign!

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  1. ...hmmmm...I'm not sure what I would have done after looking through the keyhole. Maybe talked to him through the door? Maybe turned off all the lights and played dead? Bizarre.

    (My AP English teacher in High School cornered a bat and killed it with a broom, too. In daylight. Wonder why that bat was out in the daylight?)


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