Monday, September 19

First Week of School, Honeyville, and Nissan!


What a week last week! School and work are going to keep us SO busy. All went well. I do not like the days were we leave at 7 in the morning and then I don't see Brett again until he gets off work around 9:30 at night. However, we are grateful to attend a great school, have great teachers, and are learning tons :)

As most of you know, last semester I worked on an advertising campaign for a hotel in Idaho Falls called Destinations Inn. Well, this year We've kicked it up a notch and are doing a 100 million dollar ad campaign for Nissan. Yes, the car place. That one. Super excited! I'm hoping they throw in a couple free cars at the end of the semester. (I can dream right?!)

Last Sunday Brett got called to be the Assistant Executive Secretary in our ward. I hope this means we will get to know more people! Brett will do super in that calling!

On Sunday Brett and I made a last minute trip to Honeyville because his brother Ryan was there for the day and we needed to switch out cars so that ours could be registered. We realized a couple days into the semester that there would be no way we could make a trip down during the week! It was great seeing most of the family. We got to play games and see our nieces and nephews. We also got to see the new baby horse they have. Its a beautiful light brown with a mark on its forehead. Brett was sad he didn't get to drive the new semi truck, maybe next time!

Picture: Mary (Brett's Mom) was letting the nieces and Nephews jump over her, and Dallas who absolutely loves grandma, just had to do the same thing she was doing, and little Jayce has to be in the middle of everything so he jumped in there too :) Had to take a picture, so cute!

Enjoy your week~
Sheree Bingham

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