Sunday, December 11

Work party and finals week!


This week was a busy one, not only are we coming up on finals week we went to Brett's work party, my cousins birthday party, and made lots of Christmas cookies!

We are very excited to be seeing family this next weekend! My older brother is getting married on Saturday, we are very excited for them and look forward to helping out with what we can. (We are also excited because we will be finished with this semester at that point.)

Brett's work party on Tuesday was a lot of fun. it was at Fat Cats (formerly known as the Rex) and we got to bowl, play mini golf, and play pool for free. They also had lots of pizza which made Brett super happy :) They also did drawings for free stuff throughout the night! Believe it or not: Brett won! He won a Picnic Table! We have NO Idea what we are going to do with it, but its always nice to win :)

Hope everyone has a great week, see some of you soon!

Sheree Bingham

Gingerbread House!

Our new Picnic Table!


  1. I, to win! Yes! (I was the nth number caller on a radio station once. I got 4 tickets to the Ice Capades.) Also: that gingerbread house is quite beautiful! :)

  2. Enjoy your gingerbread houses with candy that is actually lined up while you can. Once you have kids, the gingerbread houses will never look that cute again.


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