Sunday, December 4

Arthur Christmas


Well, the temperatures are steadily dropping here in Rexburg (as I'm sure they are everywhere else too). The fifteen minute walk from Campus to the "Free Parking Lot" is getting harder and harder, but only 2 more weeks of classes!

We have a lot going on this month! My brother's wedding, skiing with my parents, Christmas, a trip to Honeyville. Super exciting!

This week we went and Saw Arthur Christmas- very cute! Brett referred to it as "a great way to start off the Christmas season". However, we are not sure that the Justin Beiber music video before the movie was completely necessary.

Yesterday was the Ward Christmas Party which was a lot of fun, we laughed because every child that went to sit on Santa's lap cried. Felt a little bad for Santa, but it was cute!

Have a great week!

Sheree Bingham
We finished our tree decorating! (pretty star)

It's Snowing :)

Advent Calendar from my mom (Brett does evens, I do odds)


  1. I love that advent calendar - your mom is so awesome!

  2. Nice Tree, Sheree! And yes, the temps are dropping here, too. I do love December, with all the Christmas decorations and festive music everywhere. Stay warm! Kari :)

  3. This is so cute sheree. It sounds like you guys are having fun. We got snow in NM crazy stuff. Welll...

    Love ya,


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