Sunday, February 19

Valentine's Week!


Brett and I had some fun this week! As most of you know, it was Valentine's Day!

Brett got me a big cupcake from Broulims, flowers, and some chocolate covered strawberries. We had a romantic meal at 5 guys (yes, the burger place). I surprised Brett by taking him to a Bar J Wranglers concert that night! Brett loved it! I have not seen him laugh that hard in a while!
Bar J Wranglers
On Saturday we went to the cheap theater and saw Sherlock Holmes again, we really like it! And today we had a game night with Brent, Brandi, and Rachelle. We played Disney Scene It -  a lot of fun!

It's presidents day tomorrow so we won't have classes, but our time will surely be filled with lots of homework and catching up on chores!

Enjoy your week!

Sheree Bingham

Sometimes I like to remind Brett that he is special to me!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, again! That's funny you went to 5 Guys for a V-day dinner. They have those out here, too, although I haven't eaten there. Happy President's Day tomorrow! Kari


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