Sunday, February 5

10 things I've learned from being married to Brett...

Hey All!

This week me and Brett will have been married for 10 months. (Almost a year!!!) So I decided to make a list...

10 Things I have Learned From Being Married to Brett:

1. You CAN sleep through someone snoring 5 inches away from you. (yes, this is #1- sleep is a big deal!)
2. Brett is a VERY good worker, no matter what it is- chores, work, school, church callings- once he starts it will get done and it will be done to the best of his ability.
3. We don't share drinks.
4. Brett could live off of popcorn, orange julius, and pizza. (No joke!)
5. Having a priesthood holder in the home is invaluable!
6. I do not speak German.
7. Getting accidentally bumped, knocked, kicked, tripped, etc, is just the price of being married to Brett! (He never claimed to be smooth)
8. Brett loves to help.
9. Accounting Homework is the enemy.
10. Brett loves me and I am SO LUCKY!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Sheree Bingham

Found this engagement picture- like it!

This is the man I love and admire!


  1. Awesome list! #3 is my favorite!!!

  2. Aawww...too cute! And I can't believe it's almost been a YEAR! Excellent! Kari

  3. Wow, almost a year! That's pretty awesome. :) I hope the last two months before your year mark are filled with fun!


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