Sunday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Brett and I have wonderful mothers that we are very grateful for! They are fantastic! We would not be who we are today without them. 

Today is sacrament meeting all the guys stood up and sang "I often go walking" but instead of saying "Dear Mother" they said "Dear Sweetheart." It was so sweet! All the women got beautiful flowers. Brett made a dinner of Ham and potatoes. Very delicious!

This week we went and saw Avengers in theater, it took up the remainder of our entertainment budget, but it was worth it! I like funny movies, Brett likes action and this movie had both! I definitely recommend it, even if you aren't into the whole comic book action thing!

Work is going well for both of us - I am glad that the construction is finally finished and we can say goodbye to the construction workers. Brett is doing fantastic in his classes - I am so proud of him!

Sheree Bingham

Hard Worker!

My Mothers Day Flower

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  1. Very fun, to have the men sing to you in Sacrament Meeting! Mother's Day is all about "not cooking" for me. I got crepes for breakfast, and shrimp salad/muffins for dinner. Heaven. :)


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