Sunday, May 6

May the Fourth Be with You


This week was my birthday- May 4th- which is also Star Wars Day! It started off with a normal shift at work, normal other than my brother and sister in law bringing me a giant slice of chocolate cake which was sooo good! When I was leaving work and walking to my car Brett called and told me to walk to his car instead, so I found his car and he took me straight to Down East and locked me in a dressing room. He then started handing me skirts to try on. After I had tried on and modeled about 5 he picked his favorite one and got it for me for my birthday! He just happened to pick the one I liked the most too! He also got me a bright green shirt that is super cute!

That night we ate at Gringos, which is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Rexburg, and then went to a Diamond Rio Concert! (One more day... one more time...) We had front row seats! It was so much fun. I would just like to say that in the beginning of the concert the lead singer totally tripped over the microphone stand and was able to catch himself, but not before I noticed and busted up laughing. He looked at me and smiled real big and that just made me laugh harder. He looked over at us several times after that. I felt pretty cool!

Diamond Rio

Today was Stake conference and Elder Ballard talked about missionary work and President Packer talked to the youth about being extra good in these extra bad times. I liked all the talks! Other than that its just been work work work (And school school school for Brett)!

I will hopefully add some birthday/concert pictures later!

Sheree Bingham
Happy B-day Sheree!

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