Sunday, June 17

Love my Husband!

Happy Fathers Day!

I Love my Dad and Brett sure loves his! I also know that Brett will be a great Daddy someday!

Last fathers day was the 2nd time I ever blogged. Kinda cool!

So this week I had a strange realization. I am really glad to have a husband to get mad at. Now the story...

We both were at work this week and Brett did something that made me SO mad! I won't tell you what but I was seething, it had been a VERY long time since I have let myself get that angry. (I only post this because I think there are other wives out there that can relate to this emotion?) Anyway, I was on break with Brett when he made me this angry and then my break ended and I had to get back to making sandwiches in the deli. I was scheming and planning all the mean things I was going to say to Brett. By the end of my shift I had it! I had my speech all lined out and boy was he going to get it! I went and clocked out and then started marching across the store to the bakery to give Brett my angry, "well thought out" speech, and then I passed Claudette...

I literally froze where I was standing. The day before Claudette- who is from Haiti - had shared with me why she was in Rexburg. Her husband was shot by another man and she and her two children were forced to flee the country. A million emotions crossed me all at the same time as I stood there frozen- shame, relief, surprise, and most importantly gratitude flooded my mind. There are so many women out there that have lost or are missing their husbands, and so many more that are wishing they had husbands, but just haven't found them yet. In my anger I had forgotten how lucky I truly am. I hope that I always remember what I learned in those few short seconds while passing Claudette. I love Brett and no matter how angry he may make me at times I am so grateful to have him. He is absolutely a blessing in my life and I hope to keep him around for many many years and then the rest of eternity :) I am so glad that I didn't give him my angry speech!

This may have seemed like a strange post for Father's Day but I felt like this is what I wanted to write about-so I did!

I hope everyone enjoys celebrating their fathers and husbands today!

Sheree Bingham
Sheree and her Dad
Brett with His Dad


  1. Holy cow. That is an amazing experience, Sheree. One that I'm glad you shared. It really made my day brighten up.

  2. I definitely need to meet Claudette! Wonderful post!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sheree! Not as dramatic as Claudette's story, there are still lots of divorce stories that make me so sad. Those make me count my blessings, too.

  4. That made me laugh at first, thinking of you getting so mad and planning out your angry speech. And then I almost cried. But then Bill snored next to me, distracting me from the touching moment. So, thanks to my husband, we have saved money on the tissue I would have used to wipe my eyes and possibly my nose when I almost cried. Thank goodness for husbands.


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