Monday, October 22

Pumpkin Roll


It is a well known fact among those closest to me that I do not like Halloween. I have never really liked it. I remember being 6 or 7, maybe younger, and being dressed up as a clown for a ward party and not liking it! I do not like dressing up, eating tons of candy, cold weather, creepy costumes, etc. I am the scrooge of halloween.

However, I do enjoy fall! I like pumpkins, the changing leaves, sweaters, hot chocolate, etc. My point of saying this: I feel like I have done my first fall thing since fall began... pumpkin roll! A lot of people at work have mentioned making pumpkin rolls and I had some time before Brett came back from Utah, so I made one! It was fun and a lot easier than I thought.

Life continues as normal! I have a business trip to Dallas coming up in a few weeks to help manage our Color in Motion 5k's first race. It will be neat to see everything come together. Brett is working hard in his internship, school, and studying for the GMAT.

I hope everyone is loving fall!

Sheree Bingham

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  1. Beautiful Pumpkin Roll! When you are in Honeyville for Sunday dinner you are in charge of dessert ;)


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