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18 Ways my Husband Tells Me He Loves Me

18 Ways My Husband Tells Me He Loves me:

1. He says "I Love You!"
     You can never underestimate the phrase. It should never be assumed that your significant other "knows" that you love them. Say it and say it often!

2. When he wakes up before me and sees me curled up into a ball on my right side shivering, he throws an extra blanket on top of me.
     The first time he did this I nearly jumped out of bed because it scared me so bad, but now when he does it I know that it is a sign of love. It is him taking the time to notice and do something nice for me.

3. When our song comes on the radio in the car or at a restaurant he asks, "Do you know this song"?
     "Collide" by Howie Day. It is the only song Brett knows how to play on the guitar and at the time we were dating was the number one listened to song on my ipod. It was meant to be!

4. When he tells a joke that he thinks may have hurt my feelings or that maybe I that I didn't get, he turns to me and winks, just so I know that his intentions were not to harm and that he thinks he is hilarious.
     It is amazing how often this happens. Usually if I am confused by something he says I will look over at him and he is winking. 

5. He always get my favorite Little Caesars pizza when we do pizza and movie nights, even though he would prefer Pizza Pie Cafe or Papa Murphy's.
     Brett is a huge pizza lover. I am not. Brett could live off of pizza. Once a month is plenty for me. I tell him that he can get other pizzas if he wants, but he will always come home with the one he knows I like the best. Sweet. Heart.

6. He "Surprises" me.
     Brett loves telling me that he will be home in about 3 hours and then coming through the door 20 mins later. I do not really understand why, but it is one of his ways of saying I love you and I want to be with you. 

7. He asks me to edit his papers.
     As a graduate of Communication I have written stacks and stacks of papers in my life. As my husband is an Accounting major he has not had as many wonderful opportunities. However, he could probably get by the same way my Engineer father does - with spell check and does it "sound right." I love that he still chooses to involve me and let me help him. It is a great way of saying I love you.

8. Regular Scripture study and Family prayer.
     I am so grateful that Brett has always lead our family (yes family of 2 for now) in family prayer and scripture study. We recognize that we need the help from the Lord and we need his spirit in our lives daily, and he helps the spirit in our home by being a great priesthood leader.

9. He Cleans.
     This may not happen very often, but when he does it is a really big help and he does an AMAZING job. He is so thorough in his cleaning. For example, when I came home from being out of town he was in the bathroom with a razor scraping soap scum off of the shower walls. Pretty amazing, huh?!

10. He plans.
     I am a planner. I like to see the end from the beginning as much as possible. This is not my husbands way, he is a take it as it comes unless it is something really important kind of guy. When he sits down and plans out a date or is willing to talk to me about our daughters serving missions when they are nineteen it is a way that he shows me that he loves me.

11. He cares for my family.
     Hardly a day goes by when Brett will not ask me about someone in my family. He wants to be involved as much as he can. I believe he now has the honor of writing the first letter received by my little brother Craig in the mission field, he desperately wants to be able to beat my little brother Doug at bowling, He always reminds me to call my family, he will randomly ask questions about my brother in Texas, he likes hearing about how my Dad's companies are doing, and he enjoys claiming his innocence in the hitting my mom with a paddle incident. Where I came from- my family- is important to me and he makes sure that it is important to him.

12. He will message me on facebook.
     This one may seem silly, but it is a way Brett shows me he loves me because he is not a big facebooker (its a new word?), but I am. So he will write the occasional message or "poke" me just to show me that he is paying attention.

13. He responds to my texts
     I am throwing this one in there because I have recently discovered that not all husbands do this. Brett and I are apart a lot these days and it is nice to know that he will respond when I have a question or am just lonely. He loves me :)

14. He doesn't eat my snacks - even when I say he can.
     As a pregnant person I have found that I feel a whole lot better if I have a snack between meals, so I will pick up some granola bars, string cheese, etc when I do the month shopping. I will tell Brett that he is welcome to anything I get, but he leaves "my snacks" to me. I at first thought it was because he didn't like the snacks I was getting, but when he starts turning down strawberry yogurt covered pretzels...

15. He lets me listen to David Archuletta.
     When we travel, and take my car, we are usually stuck with my music. I will admit- I have four david archuletta CD's in my car. He will tolerate it, once we were traveling around christmas time and we were listening to David's christmas album and I fell asleep in the middle of the 2nd song. When I woke up it was on the last song. He let me listen to the entire CD over again because I had missed most of it. This is truly selfless and he would not do it if he did not really love me :)

16. He lets me follow him around in the morning.
     Brett is kinda like a zombie in the morning. Not very responsive, I worked really hard all through college to make myself more of a morning person- or to at least wake up happy and so when I jump out of bed I am ready to talk and that's usually what I do. I will follow Brett around the apartment as he is brushing his teeth, packing his backpack, whatever it is and talk to him. I realize that this is probably not his ideal morning but he lets me and is pretty good about grunting in response.

17. He carries most of the grocery up the stairs.
     When we do our big month shopping trips the thing that I dread the most is carrying the groceries up three flights of stairs,e specially in the winter. Brett will grab more bags than should be humanly possible and carries them up the stairs. He will always be the one to make a second trip down to the car.  This may be a small example but he is always willing to help me out.

18. He holds my hand.
     Nothing feels better than having Brett reach for my hand or put his arms around me when I am cold. Knowing that he wants to be their means the world. I am sure he would be just fine not holding hands but because he knows I like it and because he loves me, he tries not to forget.

These are a few of the many ways Brett tells me he loves me.

I did not just pick a random number, the 9th was our 18 month mark. I know that after a year you are not suppose to count in months anymore, but I just wanted to say something special about my husband to mark the occasion!

Sheree Bingham

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