Wednesday, January 9

Back to School Again...

Brett is back to school! Last semester a BYUI- which is awesome! He is taking: Conflict Management, a Auditing class, Accounting Capstone, and Business Communications.

Brett came home from class the other day and exclaimed: "I hate communication classes!" As a communication graduate I could not understand this statement and so I inquired as to why. He told me that he went into his business communications class and the first thing the teacher did was make them put the desks into a big circle so that everyone could see everyone else. They then went around the room and introduced themselves. At this point I am still not seeing the problem, so I wait for him to continue, but nope, that was it. He just felt that it was awkward, haha! It is funny to think how truly different our school experiences were/are!

Anyway, just a quick update!

Sheree Bingham


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  1. That is a funny Brett story. I think that he must get that from his dad. Circle-get to know you game sounds fun to me. Hope that he will enjoy this semester!


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