Wednesday, May 15

Sunshine, Wedding, and 5 Generations!

Where do you go to see the Griffith Family all together and still fit in a trip to see some Downey's? Arizona!!!

On Thursday me and the boys hopped on a plane and flew to Arizona! John did great- he slept most of the way both ways and was very content!

Thursday night was my cousin stephanie's grooms dinner (something like that) at a mexican restaurant because that is the main food group for Griffith's-mexican food! The food was good and it was fun sharing a table with grandma and grandpa!

Friday morning was stephanie's wedding- she looked absolutely beautiful! They were such a good looking couple! After the wedding we went and spent time at Grandma and Grandpa's house visiting with everyone that came and went! John was happy to meet his great grandparents even though he cried a lot (he was very very tired).

Friday night was the reception- beautiful decorations and great food! I got to see a lot of aunts, uncle, great uncles, cousins, etc that I haven't seen in a long time!

Saturday was our drive to tucson to get our 5 generation picture. Nana is just adorable and just doesn't look her age! We enjoyed visiting and passing the baby around :)

Overall a great trip! We are loving the little smiles that John is sharing with us these days, he has also gotten into a better sleeping routine which is wonderful for us and him!

Family Picture before the wedding

In his carrier

Hope everyone is doing well!
Sheree Bingham

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  1. Sheree I absolutely love the 5-generation HAND picture! You are brave to take a 1-month-old...anywhere, and for sure on a PLANE trip! Good for you :)


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