Thursday, January 30

John's Surgery

Everything went great- he is grumpy and hates his bandage but we are handling it the best we can!

The Story:

John was born with a "skin tag" on his neck. We were told he could have it removed when he was older, but just to be safe they sent us to a specialist who took one look at it and knew it was not just a skin tag. He thought it was a branchial cleft cyst but wouldn't know until the actual surgery.

At 6:30 this morning we headed to Rexburg where the surgery was scheduled at Madison Memorial Hospital. I think I drove about 40 MPH all the way there because of icy roads.

They checked us in at the hospital and got John into surgery at 7:20. About 45 minutes later the Dr came and said he was in recovery and that I could see him when he woke up. He told me that it was a branchial cleft cyst and that it went all the way back almost to his voice box and then looped around a muscle in his neck. He closed off the tract and stitched him up! He has 8 stitches- a little frankenstein baby!


playing with oxygen tube

This was a very emotional experience for all of us and I am so glad it is over!

He has a follow up appointment on Friday to have his stitches removed.

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  1. Poor boy! That must have been hard for you! I would have been so stressed out! I hope that he recovers well!


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