Thursday, January 16

Baby Talk and Bronchial Cyst

The other day when I was carrying John down the stairs to my car he started going, ba-baba-ba-bababa… he was imitating the neighbors dog barking :)

He also will say "banana" and "yesssssss!" He loves the "s" sound.

It is sure fun being a mom! Hard work- but fun!

Brett is in his first week of work and so far is really enjoying it. The security at the site is interesting, lots of little rules like- no visitors, no phones is specific building, and routine drug testing.

On Brett's first day of work John kept saying "dada, dada, dada" all day long and looking around for him. It was also the day he learned the word banana, so he would say "dada, dada, dada, banana, dada?" It was really cute!

Bundled up! Lookin' tired!
John was born with a "skin tag" on his neck which upon further investigation by a specialist was found to be some sort of bronchial cyst. He is scheduled for surgery to have it removed in a few weeks. Poor guy!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sheree Bingham


  1. We"ll have you in our prayers! I know it is going to go perfectly.
    -Nellee T

  2. Hi Sheree--
    Play up the procedure and take lots of pictures! He can use it in games when he is a teen or young adult: "I had surgery when I was only 10 months old..." :) Also -- The combination "dada" / "banana" is hysterical. Write down the funny ones, in a little notebook! you'll all laugh later.

  3. I am sure that the surgery will go great. Sure love your blog and the pics. Thanks for keeping us informed.


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