Tuesday, April 15

Discouraging moments

1. Yesterday as we were walking through the parking lot to a store an old lady yelled at me for not having socks on my child.

2. Today I got to experience my first in store tantrum. John saw a banana and screamed (like a gut wrenching, inconsolable, world is ending scream) until he got one- which was about an hour later when we were finally home.

Response to story #1-- John had a rash on his feet from crawling. They were slightly swollen and hot- I was not going to put socks on him! Not that it was that ladies business anyway…

Story #2--  I feel strong. I handled it and wasn't really even embarrassed. Bring on the toddler years!

Here is the cute kid!

Here is John with his little friend! They are adorable!


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  2. So cute! Way to be strong when the tantrum hit! Remember...this was only a test. Soon enough the tantrums will be about bigger things, such as the car his future sister will take away from him :-) I'm sure they get bigger during teen years, but we haven't gotten there yet.I wouldn't worry about the socks. You love him enough you'll take care of him just how he needs.

    My google account is messed up, so although I'm posting as anonymous, this is really Deborah Newren


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