Tuesday, April 22

Easter Week

I am now realizing that the longer I blog the more uncreative my blog titles get!

This week was busy and a lot of fun! My youngest brother Doug came to stay with us for a few days! It was really hard getting him here because of flights and missed buses, but he finally made it! It was nice hanging out with him. John loved having another person around to play ball with and make him laugh!

Doug, John, and I went and toured BYUI while Brett was at work on Thursday. Our tour guide did an awesome job. It was like memory lane-- I can't believe it has been over 2 years since I graduated and one year since Brett has graduated. Time sure goes by fast. I think Doug was impressed by the atmosphere and everything. It will be nice to have him close for a semester before he leaves on a mission!

This weekend my family came and brought Craig, my other little but not youngest brother, back to school. He is in his junior year I believe and loves Rexburg! This is definitely the best semester to be there… We went bowling and ate at the famous Pizza Pie CAfe (formerly Craigos).

My family stayed until monday morning and took Doug home with them. It was nice having family visit us for easter! We decorated easter eggs Saturday night and had a nice dinner on Sunday. Everyone liked it but John-- he wanted nothing to do with my roast or scalloped potatoes, oh well!

John is learning and growing so fast! He has become quiet the little rebel. He will do something he knows he is not supposed to and then look and me, shake his head, and say  'no, no, no!' and then go back to doing what he was doing. (This usually happens when he is hitting the TV or getting into the trash can).

He has also become very good at climbing-- he doesn't walk yet but that doesn't stop him from getting on couches and chairs! He just pushes over his toy fire engine, and uses it as a step to get onto whatever he wants!

John is very good at telling me when he wants to take a nap or go to bed, He will crawl over to me, look up with a sad face and say "nigh nigh". If it is bed time he says "nigh nigh dada" which is part of the bedtime routine.

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