Saturday, June 28

New House, New adventure!

This month our family took a big step and moved into our first home! It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with an unfinished basement on a half acre plot. It has a "country feel" for Brett while still being "city" enough for me! We really couldn't have found a better match!

We felt so blessed to have so many friends and family come to help us move. I can't imagine how it could have gone any smoother! (It also helped that John slept through both moving out of the apartment and into the home)

We love our home, neighborhood, and ward. Everyone has been very kind!

John is learning so much! He loves having more room inside an out, and is always pointing to the back door saying "out". He has lots of new words- "one, two, THREE" being one of his current favorites as well as "please" "thank you" "dog" "cracker" "fishie" "baby" etc. He also likes to point at things and say "that?". He is also filling in a lot more words into his favorite songs like, old macdonald, the itsy bitsy spider, and do as I'm doing. His favorite book is one that counts ladybugs backwards, and his favorite toy lately is a green frog stuffed animal.
Really trying to get the fish at the library!
Hmm… helping with dishes?

Congratulation to my cousin David and his family! He left a few days ago to serve a mission in Italy! He will be a great missionary and greatly missed by his family! He can expect letters from the Binghams!

Sheree Bingham

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  1. Congrats! That is so awesome! Is it in Idaho Falls? That is a nice area. I hope that you guys are doing well! You will have to post more pictures of the interior when you get all settled!


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