Saturday, August 2

Big smiles and a Belly What?!?

John is 16 months old now and is such a cute little handful!! (Some may not agree with the "little" part but he seems small to me!)

He can tell you where his eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and ears are. As well as his "bewy butt" (Belly button) Ears are his favorite right now. He will randomly grab our ears when we are lying on the couch and loudly say "ear"!

Every morning me and John have this conversation.

John: Fake dramatic sneeze
Me: Bless you
John: tank too
Me: Your welcome

Then I am expected to fake sneeze so he can say 'Bwess oo' and 'elcome'.

This morning right after breakfast I was chatting with Brett and John brought me his shoes, I put them on him and then he brought me my flip flops. I put them on and then continued chatting with Brett. John then brought me another pair of my shoes… hmmm, I guess he really wanted to go outside! Which we did.

Love this picture!


  1. Words never sounded so cute- am I right?

  2. He is so smart. Fun conversation:) I love this picture, also!


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