Sunday, September 14

My trouble maker!

John is always doing cute and sometime naughty things, and I always intend to write and share about them and it doesn't happen! Except for my absolute favorites that I write in his baby book. (Like when Brett showed John his belly button and John said in a voice filled with horror "What's that!?!" I guess John had never seen a hairy tummy before…)

Today in church I am pretty sure John didn't hold still for more than a second. There was a little boy sitting 2 rows behind us and anything that little boy said John had to repeat… only much louder! I am pretty sure he was competing with the speaker. That just happened to be the bishop today. Oh well! We  got a lot of sympathetic glances :)

Later in Relief Society I glanced back to see the new sister that was introducing herself and when I looked back John was gone. He had run all the way across the room, grabbed my visiting teachers hand, an older lady, and was trying to drag her to the door with him. ("Come on, lets get out of here while she's not looking!") Little stinker!

I am sure you have heard the phrase "in a new york minute" well, with a toddler it is a new york second! John has made some pretty big messes lately and it happens faster than I can even catch! I will get some pics off my phone to share the preciousness! (Maybe he would make less messes if I did more than just laugh and take a picture…)

This is soup that he pulled out of the garbage can- notice it is all over the kitchen and floors too.

Eating mud

Flour- everywhere! It only takes a second!
Johns favorite book right now is "The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" We average reading it about 6 times a day, which I do not mind at all! One of the lines in the book is "Oh, I see!" and so John says this at random times, as well as "Boom, Boom, Boom!" Its really cute because he says them the same way I do when I am reading the book. 

He does and says a lot of other cute things but my allotted blog time is coming to an end and I want to make sure I get lots of pictures into the post!


Who new a book store could be so fun!

At the ogden temple open house

Trying to break down the gate with a friend

At the park!

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