Wednesday, June 22

Apartment Pics and Breadsticks!

I have had some family members request pictures of our apartment, so I posted them below!

We had some adventures with Brett cooking the other day, kinda a fun story. We were having some friends over for dinner and I was making sour cream enchiladas and broccoli and we wanted to have one more side but were short on cooking supplies.

So, we are desperately searching through cookbooks for ideas and Brett decides that he is going to make breadsticks. Yum! He is making the dough and it is extremely sticky, more than extremely. But he followed the recipe, so it must be right!

Well, to shorten the story they did not end up looking much like breadsticks and there was dough everywhere! it even managed to get inside our cheese grater. (don't ask me how!)

It turned out being a great dinner anyway :)

Well, I've got some meatloaf in the oven, so I'd better run!

Have a great week!
Our Living Room

The Kitchen

Dining Area

"breadsticks" on the left


  1. CUTE! I can't wait to see the apartment in real life :) and breadsticks gone bad-haha! now THAT I wish I had seen in real life lol-they kind of match your enchaladas wouldn't you say? :) PS-at the end of your blog where you said, "Well, I've got meatloaf in the oven, better run!"'re totally sounding like a wife, which is what you are. Next its going to be, "well, got meatloaf in the oven, visiting teachers coming over, and picking the kids up from soccer practice!" haha-love ya!

  2. Oh I'm glad you posted these. Now I can picture you two a little easier. It looks like such a cute place and you've made it a home already!


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