Sunday, June 26

News and Wedding Pictures

Hey Everyone!

It's been a good week! Lots of school, homework, and work!

Brett did have Friday off and we had the opportunity to go to attend ward temple night. which was nice, we are slowly getting to know the people in our ward.

For my Comm 230 news gathering class I had to make a minute and a half news video covering a campus event. So bright and early Saturday morning we went over to the edge of Rexburg and covered a 50 mile bike race for students and teachers. It was super windy and cold,  but we got some good interviews. Brett was kind enough to hold the camera for me, but I think he was mostly just worried that I would drop it :) I'll post the video clip when i have it edited!

We also got our Wedding Day Pictures! We love them, the editing was great! They are in the post below and also on Facebook!

Take Care!
Sheree Bingham
This is probably my favorite wedding picture
Ready to got to the temple!

This is the cute case our wedding picture disk came in!

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