Thursday, June 30

News Video

Hello Everyone!

Well, After hours of editing and spending time with my little brothers on the phone I finished my 1 1/2 minute news clip for my Comm 240 class.

It was a very windy day, which is pretty typical for Rexburg, so the audio is not the best. I was also sick this weekend, I had to edit out my sneezing in the background of some of the shots :) But, here it is!

Feel free to laugh, if anything, this assignment taught me that I do not want to ever go into broadcasting! (and that I am terrible at editing-- thank you Craig and Doug for the help!)

Brett and I enjoyed Sunday night at a BBQ and playing Settlers of Catan with some of Brett's former roommates and their wives. I don't know why some people say you have no social life when you get married. That is most definitely not the case for us!

Sheree Bingham


  1. Nice video! It actually looked like a news report! I LOVE SETTLERS OF CATAN I WILL BRING IT WITH ME TO BYU-I AND WE WILL PLAY EVERY WEEKEND THAT WE GET THE CHANCE AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!! I also like barbeque, so invite me whenever you decide to have one. When I'm up there. You can invite me now, but I probably won't be able to make it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help with the entire editing thing... I did have to get to class. Yea! We can comment on each other's blogs!!!!!! This'll be fun!

  2. Great activity to cover! Chalk the assignment up to experience!


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