Sunday, July 31

Morning Hike, Mesa Falls, and Binghams!

Hello Friends and Family,

This week was a lot of fun!

I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when My husband woke me up at 4:30 to take me hiking up "R" mountain to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning, we then went home and both fell sound asleep while watching Tangled!

On Wednesday Brett's parents, Boyd and Mary, came into town! It was there 33rd Anniversary and so they came to Rexburg! We went to the temple and when Brett got off work had cake at our apartment Wednesday night.  Thursday both me and Brett took off work so we could enjoy a day with them. We took them on a tour around campus. They got to see the new BYUI Center and the other buildings me and Brett have class in. We then drove out to Mesa Falls which is in the Teton National Forest. (pictures below) We tried to go see Big Springs, but missed it by a couple miles, so headed home. Boyd and Mary got to experience Craigo's for the first time- very popular all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad. That night we saw a Jessie Funk, Daniel Beck, Cherie Call, and two others Concert on campus. They did a really good job. The Binghams took off Friday Morning.

Me and Brett helped set up a reception Saturday Morning for Erin Rial, a wonderful girl I visit teach, who was married in the Rexburg Temple Yesterday. I was a little scared when he started climbing on ladders, but he didn't fall, so we're good.

Hope everyone had a great week!
Sheree Bingham

Brett wrote on the "Anniversary Cake"

Walking around the construction on BYUI Campus

Mesa Falls

"R" Mountain

The Sunrise!


  1. Hi, Sheree! Excellent photos. 4:30 is a little too early to have your eyes open, but of course that's just my opinion...

    I have never been to Rexburg. Looks like July is the month to go, and of course we would request you two as tour guides. :)

  2. Very nice sunset and cake!!

  3. ah mesa falls! I only went there once but we should go when I get back! And, I'm super jealous that you got to see all those lds artists-I listen to all of them and have many songs of theirs! sounds like a great week!


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