Sunday, July 24

Summer, HP, and Family!


What a busy week, Finals are over and summer vacation has begun!

It was a successful semester, I learned a lot. I had two competitions that went on throughout the semester in two different classes. One was an Advertising campaign for a really neat hotel down in Idaho Falls, another was a case study for my organizational communications class. My groups won both! Earned some extra credit points for both classes as well as 100 dollars off at the Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls!

We celebrated the last day of my semester by going to see the last Harry Potter Movie! We both enjoyed it, it is strange to think that new Harry Potter Books and Movies have been a part of our lives since I was in 3rd grade and Brett was in 6th grade, now what?! just kidding, our summer has some fun things coming up!

On Friday My cousin Heather came and we got to spend a couple of hours together while her husband was at a party for a friend that got married yesterday. We had a great time- my husband things we are silly, but that's usually the reaction me and Heather get from people when we hang out!

The other day Brett killed the biggest spider I have ever seen! It ran in through the door when he was opening it to leave for work. I panicked and he casually stepped on it. I'm glad he is here to protect me!

This Sunday is the first day of my new calling as RS VT coordinator. Brett should be getting a new calling soon too. We really enjoyed being Ward librarians, but I guess they need us somewhere else now!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!
-Sheree Bingham
Handsome husband!

Me and Heather on her wedding day!

Me and Heather on my wedding day!


  1. Hi, Sheree-- Great photos--thanks for posting them! That's a funny coincidence...I was sustained in church today as the VT Coordinator for MY ward!

    I do love Relief Society. They changed our ward boundaries a few weeks ago, so it's like a whole new ward now. I'm glad I could stay working in R.S.

    Happy Summer! :)

  2. Harry Potter has been going on since I was in 1st grade! Holy cow! That's just incredible!

    I thing you're silly, too. We all thing that, I thing.

    Beware the evil monkies under the bed.

  3. I'm so glad the semester is over - 2 more to go!!! Sorry about the spider!


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