Sunday, July 3

Mold, Winco, and Sorry! (Brett's work Uniform Pic)

Hey Friends,

This week has been a pretty high pressure week. It seems that professors are now realizing that there are only three weeks of classes left and need to pile on all the work they meant for us to do during the semester. As well as me and Brett both getting more hours at work-- which is a bitter sweet thing :) Less time together, bigger pay checks.

On Friday I faced two of my fears: Mold and Cooking Hamburgers.
Mold- leaving leftovers in the refrigerator for two weeks isn't good, how about two months! i was going to wait and have Brett deal with it, but we ran out of Tupperware containers... No worries, learned my lesson there! I wish I had a picture, it was pretty bad!
Hamburgers- Brett has always been the hamburger/steak cooker, but we decided we wanted some on Friday and so on his break he talked me through it, it's not as complicated as I thought it would be :)

Almost every night this week we have ended our day playing a game of Sorry (you know, the board game). the win ratio is about 25:1, Brett wins every time! :\

Saturday morning we went and did our month grocery shopping at Winco, in Idaho Falls, which is actually enjoyable! I'm glad Brett was with me to help carry all those groceries up three flights of stairs!

We are looking forward to Independence day, Brett works a 6 hour shift, but we will still manage to find some fun things to do, promise!

Have a great week!
Sheree Bingham
Brett's Bakery Uniform


  1. Sorry! is a fun game. I hope to learn how to make Hamburgers in the near future myself. Hopefully before I head up there to BYU-I. I LOVE BURGERS. Nice uniform, Brett. You look like half a chef. You better watch out, Sheree, because if I have learned anything from the Garfield comic strip, it's then leftovers left over too long will mutate into dangerous creatures. Keep that in mind next time you want to wait for someone else to do your work for you. Be warned...

  2. I love Sorry! Sorry about the mold - hint from Mom...... check all those little leftover containers weekly? Brett is just adorable in the uniform! Have a very fun 4th!!


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