Sunday, October 2

General Conference Weekend

Hey y'all

We are loving general conference weekend over here!

It is so fun to merge traditions as me and Brett hit more and more mile marks in our marriage. Whenever I think of conference I think of sitting on the couch and crocheting blankets with my mom while we all sit in the living room watching conference on the computer. Brett associates conference weekend with eating treats!

So as I work on my blanket Brett eats the rice crispy treats that we made this morning :)

So far I think that Sister Dalton's talk was my favorite, but there is still two hours to go...
Brett really liked Presidents Monson's story about the Frankfurt Germany Temple!

I forgot to report last time that me and Brett both took accounting tests this last week (his are considerably harder than mine) and we both did well. Its always nice when the hard work pays off! I think that taking this accounting class is helping me to sympathize with my husband better. Accounting homework is very very very time consuming!

Hope everyone enjoys the last session of conference!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. Because i feel that a blog is incomplete without pictures... here are some pictures from the Legacy Flight Museum here in Rexburg from when me and Brett where engaged.

Mormon Mustang

"Ole Yeller"

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  1. General Conference was awesome! Check out my new blog post I'm posting today for more info.


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